Elevate your outfits from functional to fabulous with the addition of a few carefully curated designer jewellery pieces. We’ll show you the fashion do’s and don’ts so that you can accessorise all your favourite outfits with the perfect designer jewellery details that will make you shine bright!

High necks and statement earrings 

Simple studs and hoops are staple pieces, but it is vital to allow space in your jewellery collection for a few pairs of designer statement earrings. Statement earrings are the perfect accessory for high necklines, by drawing attention to your face and making a bold impact. Necklaces are generally the jewellery focal point of an outfit, but they don’t always work with a high neck look. Try throwing your hair in a top knot and pair a cosy turtle-neck jumper with a pair of dangling statement earrings or a stack of gold ear cuffs and hoops to instantly dress up any casual outfit. 

Alternatively, add to your evening elegance by pairing a bright pair of statement earrings with a high neck little black dress. This look works in the office too! Pair your statement earrings with a sleek ponytail and high neckline blouse, or a crisp shirt that’s buttoned all the way up. 

Black, white and gold

Black and white are staple colours in every woman’s wardrobe. Gold jewellery stands out and shines against this classic palette, perfectly complementing a black and white ensemble. We particularly love minimalist gold bangles, delicate gold rings and unique gold pendants, such as a gold coin necklace from Muru Jewellery

For a more bohemian flare, layer up your favourite gold necklaces and stack up your rings and bangles for the ultimate arm candy. Gold pieces are so versatile and work perfectly paired with; a plain white tee and black jeans, a crisp white shirt and black pencil skirt, black and white prints or a white summer dress. Layer and stack your designer gold jewellery with more casual monochrome outfits to create an effortless weekend vibe. 

White pearls and ocean tones 

Pearls are classic and timeless so they make an essential addition to every designer jewellery collection. Their white pearlescent hues make them extremely versatile and team perfectly with your favourite outfits, no matter the colour or pattern.

To make your pearls stand out, we suggest pairing them with sea-coloured outfits. Sunset peach, sea-foam green and ocean turquoise blue are the perfect hues to team with a gorgeous pearl necklace for ultimate beach vibes. Keep it casual with a peachy tee and jeans, or dress it up with a bold, turquoise dress and summery wedge heels. Opt for saltwater pearls for their asymmetrical shape, giving your look an even more unique flare. 

Little black dress and diamond studs 

The little black dress is an essential item for any wardrobe. You don’t want to cheapen this look so it’s crucial to choose the right jewellery to complete this timeless outfit. We recommend teaming your perfect LBD with a pair of gorgeous diamond studs. Your sparkling diamonds will stand out and shine against the dark silhouette of your dress, offering a look that is both subtle and sophisticated. 

Diamonds reflect light, creating colourful prisms that are elegant and eye-catching. Whilst a staple black dress and diamond are a match made in heaven, diamonds will work with any outfit in your closet, making them the perfect designer jewellery piece that will elevate your wardrobe. As the saying goes… diamonds really are a girl’s best friend! 

Busy patterns and simple jewellery 

Keep your jewellery understated with outfits containing loud, bold and wild prints. Plain gold chains, silver hoop earrings, minimalist bangles, dainty bracelets and delicate rings are all important items in your jewellery collection and look beautiful paired with busy patterned clothing. 

Whether you’re wearing a bold patterned jumper to brunch, a bright printed dress at the office, or an animal print bodysuit for a night out, these pieces are the perfect addition to tie your whole look together. Keep your busy pattern the focus of the outfit and enhance the drama of your look with simple jewellery. 

Designer jewellery is an important investment, so always choose pieces that are timeless, versatile and that you will wear for more than 1 season. To get the maximum enjoyment from your latest designer jewellery purchase, choose styles that can be dressed up for the evening and worn casually at the weekend. Once you discovered your new favourite jewellery piece, you’ll feel naked without it!