As a disabled person, it can feel like there are a lot of obstacles throughout your every day, even when getting dressed.

Luckily, the task of getting dressed is about to get a lot easier and more fashionable.

In this article, we will highlight some of the brands we love that provide adaptive clothing for disabled adults, and the newly accessible pieces they are producing.

Brands Specializing In Adaptive Clothing for Disabled Adults

There are also so many companies that specifically design and sell clothing for disabled people. Many of them offer personalized tailoring services.

Read on for a glimpse of our favorite adaptive clothing-focused companies.

Able2Wear Clothing and Accessories

You may already know of some of these brands, but many retailers specialize specifically in clothing for disabled adults.

Sites like Able2Wear have tons of options for disabled adults. There are sections on the site for wheelchair clothing, from formal wear to the everyday. They even sell helpful accessories, from belts to wheelchair bags.

They offer tailored services, which can help when you need something to fit perfectly to your special needs.

Izzy Camilleri Designs

This is a great brand to check out if you’re looking for fashionable clothing that is also accessible.

Izzy Camilleri is a fashion designer that seeks to make sure that her pieces are hip and fashionable while also making sure there are tons of accessible options. There are men and women lines, and also a non-gendered line available on the site.

They also have a whole blog and newsletter committed to starting the conversation about accessible clothing. These blogs include real-life testimonies from people who claim the clothing line has changed their lives.


This site is excellent for all ages, and they have a wide selection of fashion and shoes. Finding fashionable shoes with a disability may seem difficult, but there are tons of fashionable options on their site. Their shoes have easy enclosures and offer the comfortability you need.

Silvert’s is easy to navigate, with the option to search fashion based on your specific needs.

They’ve just launched their fall collection, with tons of options to keep you warm going into the colder seasons.

National Brands Releasing Accessible Options

While it has taken time, big brand retailers are beginning to come out with adaptive clothing for disabled adults. We couldn’t be more excited about it! Here are the brands we’re loving for adaptive clothing.

Tommy Hilfiger

We’ve all heard of this brand, their classic polos and nautical styles have been around for decades.

The brand launched an entire line of accessible clothing in 2016, creating amazingly stylish pieces under the line name “Tommy Adaptive.”

You can easily shop by solution on their site, with clothing options for both men and women. The site offers seated wear, fits for prosthetics, ease of movement, and easy closure. The new line gives disabled adults hope that accessible options can definitely be stylish and fashionable.

Rebirth Garments

This brand is taking adaptive clothing to a whole other level, by making garments that are for everyone.

The brand specializes in pieces for gender non-conforming individuals of all shapes and sizes. Rebirth strives to make sure that their customers can express themselves.

What makes Rebirth Garments even more unique is that every piece is made to order, specifically for each customer’s style, needs, and size. The site offers different fabrics and silhouettes the customer can pick from so that the shopper can have a hand in designing their own clothing. The Rebirth site even offers a glossary so that the customer can know exactly what they are asking for, and what their products are made of.


Target has become a huge clothing retailer, and it was only a matter of time until this brand created an accessible line. There are options for children as well, from pajamas to outerwear and shoes.

What we love most about the launch of this line is that it is extremely affordable. We know that accessible clothing can be expensive.

Clothing is just one expense disabled adults face. Sometimes, disability loans can be a great option when facing financial struggles as a disabled person. Life can be more expensive with disabilities, but there are services that can help.


Zappos site has TONS of accessible options for all ages. From easy on and off shoes, to medical wear and magnetic closures, it seems that this brand has thought of it all.

They also carry a line that is perfect for adults looking for small sizes. If your disability leaves you opting for children sizes that do not fit properly, look no further. Their site has a size styling guide made by disability fashion styling expert, Stephanie Thomas. The site offers so many fashionable styles across many different disabilities and ages.

Zappos also offers styling tips and images of the disabled models that are featured on the site. The models tell you what they love about certain products, and how they are styling these pieces to fit their needs, and to look great. You can read their full story on the site under a “Read Her/His Story” Tabs. This can help customers who want to know that the product works for real people with the same or similar disabilities.

The Options Are Endless

As you can see, adaptive clothing for disabled adults is no longer impossible to find.

Keep these brands and sites in mind when you’re looking for certain pieces, or are wanting to up your wardrobe. Styling yourself with a disability may seem hard and daunting at first, but with companies that are dedicated to making products that work for you, you can’t go wrong.

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