We have been going all over the trends with hair care and styles for the past several years, and right now we’re leaning mostly towards natural. It’s not just hair – we’re moving towards natural care in many areas of our lives, mostly because we’re more aware of what chemicals go into products, and how much damage it can do to us. But as far as hair goes, a lot of people have been destroying it through over-dying and burning it. So how do we recover from that, turn back to natural care and hairstyles that don’t harm our hair?

Preventing damage

The Natural Hair Trend & Why It’s Good for You3

If you feel like your hair is dried out, damaged and nearly falling out of your head, it’s time to change the way you treat it. For starters, stop dying your hair. Every time you do so, you are stripping it of natural oils and drying it out, especially if the dye contains hydrogen. Let your hair grow out and accept that you will have to cut off some parts that are beyond repair. If you really have a need to change your hair color, you should try short-term hair dyes, which will wash out after a few showers, but it won’t harm your hair the way regular dye does, because it doesn’t actually penetrate the hair strands. You also need to ditch the heat – if you’re blow-drying your hair, use the lowest heat setting and keep the dryer far away from your hair. If you feel like there is no way to get the hairstyle you want without heat, we’ll cover some methods in a minute.

Natural hair care

The Natural Hair Trend & Why It’s Good for You5

A lot of products we use that are meant to help us are actually just giving us instant results without any long-term effect. This is where natural care, both inside and out, is crucial. All the products you use should be as natural as possible. If you want to repair damaged hair, the best thing you can do is get it a hair growth shampoo that will help you grow out healthy new hair as soon as possible. But you have to remember that hair strength and regeneration also comes from the inside. You should make sure you are getting enough nutrients through a healthy diet, and possibly some supplements if a doctor recommends them. You should visit a hair specialist who will help recommend a regeneration treatment and get your hair back to being shiny and healthy.

Natural hairstyles

Heatless waves

The easiest way to get curls without applying heat is to braid your hair. Depending on how many braids you make and how thick you make them, you will have curls of different sizes. It’s important to note that braiding your hair will leave the very top of your hair flat, which is a very retro, trending look, especially if you make it with very small curls.

Heatless hair straightening

If we want to straighten our hair, the first thought is probably to grab a straightener. However, this is very direct and intense heat, which damages your hair no matter how much heat protection you put on. But by using a soft, sparse hairbrush, and simply constantly brushing your hair while it dries, it should be enough to straighten your hair if it’s on the thinner side. However, if you have thick hair, you can use jumbo rollers to help straighten it out overnight.

Accessorize everything

There is a rising trend of hair decorations complementing hairstyles, and it can go from something very subtle like a decorative clip holding up a messy bun, all the way to hundreds of hair clips of all sizes and colors scattered across your head. You can also employ pins, bands and even stickers to decorate your hairstyle and some of the world’s top designers like Alexander Wang and Syd Hayes are contributing to the wide variety of options.

Being in trend can be a good motivator, but you should really be doing this because you want to keep that hair on your head strong and healthy for as long as you can. Make sure you’re using masks and oils to recover your hair and keep out of harms way while you’re making it strong and healthy again.