Women just like following beauty trends and fitting in with the rest. However, they don’t do it only to fit in, but in order to hide their imperfections and help themselves rise up and be confident. They change the hair and makeup styles in order to prove how beautiful and stylish they are. Some people go even further and undergo various cosmetic and plastic surgeries to transform their bodies into flawless ones. Not only do women of today seek for ways to follow the latest trends. That has been the case forever, but since the 1920s, the trends have significantly changed.



The Roaring Twenties were all about jazz and Old Hollywood. Thanks to these wild ages, today we have one of the iconic looks of the 20s that has also become one of the classic elegant styles. Besides stunning clothes, the two recognizable features of this look are its makeup and hairstyle. Bold dark lips and kohl-rimmed eyes are the staples of 20s makeup. Since dark red lipstick was the only color available, it was popular and outlining it to emphasize the cupid’s bow of the upper lip was an absolute must. As for the hair, well you all know the bob style with finger waves that marked this era.


As the beauty industry and Hollywood started developing further, women started using more products in order to achieve the perfect look. The emphasis of the 30s was on creating beautiful curvy “rosebud” pout by using a lip liner. Favorite colors changed and women started using dark shades of red, maroon, brown and raspberry. As far as eyes were concerned, we have the timeless smokey eyes. The eye shadow that was used was in gray, foggy, slightly sparkly shades, as if you have cloud over the eyes.


During the 40s, the cosmetics were limited due to war, and that is why the 40s were all about the natural look. The face makeup was supposed to be undetectable, so the foundation was applied lightly, and this matte survived throughout the decade. Additionally, women had to be resourceful, because makeup ingredients were needed for war. For mascara, women used boot black, shoe polish for the eyebrows and rose petals soaked in alcohol as a blush. Lipsticks were extremely popular in the 40s and even women in the military were expected to wear it, and the specific shades of red were created to match the uniforms.



If you remember Marilyn Monroe, you know that the 50s strived to create a more feminine softer look. The hair was lightly curled, lipsticks were gorgeous, eyebrows well defined and cheeks were rosy. All shades of pink and red for the lipstick were welcome, and for the blush as well. Eyelashes were curled and cover with mascara, while the eye shadow was supposed to be light and elegant.


The 60s were all about dramatic eyes and pale lips. That is when women started using fake eyelashes and plenty of eyeliner in order to make that stunning eye look. So, while putting their makeup on, most of the time was spent on the eyes. They used plenty of black liquid eyeliner combined with white eyeliner to make their eyes pop. The fake lashes were applied, too, in order to make their eyes even more dramatic, while the lips were without any lipstick or they used nude shades.


This era was all about restoring natural beauty and healthy glowing skin. The beauty routine was easy, the lashes were natural, hairstyles simple and the center part was back. To maintain healthy looking skin, women used facial scrubs to prep the face and moisturized it after for the glow. Mostly, they all skipped the foundation, used little concealer under the eyes and applied blush or bronzer. Lastly, they applied a bit of the highlighting powder on the cheekbones. As far as eyes were concerned, they used to curl the lashes a bit and coat them with a touch of brown mascara to make them look natural.


During the 80s, beauty took whole other turn and people became crazy about fitness, toned muscles and hot bodies. The makeup was equally dramatic with plenty of bold colors and thick eyebrows. Also, purple eye shadow and bold red lipsticks were a must, along with crazy hairstyles inspired by Cher. Additionally, in the 80s plastic surgery and other rejuvenation treatments started becoming popular, thus completely changing the beauty trends in the future.



Pencil thin eyebrows, blue eye shadow, glitter, frosted lipstick and high ponytails are only a few recognizable characteristics of the 90s. To be honest, during this era there was a lot of experimenting with makeup and styles, and nearly anything was allowed. However, everyone wanted to look the best and youngest and that is why so many of the celebrities decided to undergo various plastic surgeries. Silicone beauties were the idols of the era, but some of those were not so lucky; they overdid it and ruined their bodies forever.


The beauty trends are still changing as years go by. Just yesterday, Kardashians’ contouring was a must and now, people strive for a natural look. Still, many take the easy road and undergo plastic surgeries and change their bodies completely. Some celebrities aren’t even recognizable any more. However, an average woman will undergo minor facial rejuvenation procedures only to boost her own confidence and preserve her natural beauty. Also, many try combining older styles with modern ones to create a fun new look.

As you can see, there is nothing a woman wouldn’t do to boost her confidence and look stunning. Over the past few decades, women did all kinds of crazy stuff, and who knows what the trends of tomorrow hold; but women are certainly ready for anything.

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