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Most celebrities promote body love. They offer a lot of amazing self-confidence remarks and quotes as well. But it can be really confusing when the same celebrities undergo a plastic surgery. One might say that changing something about your looks to make you happy is just another way of self-loving. But what about celebrities who aren’t keen on admitting that they had any procedure done even when it is more than obvious? Does this mean that they, themselves, don’t believe in their inspirational quotes? And is there a reason to be ashamed of wanting to be the best version of yourself?

Nicki Minaj


Nicki still keeps quiet about her great body transformation, even though her old photos show that such a dramatic change really couldn’t be possible without the help of plastic surgery. Still, she never really disputed the claims about her body. When asked about this great transformation in her looks, she often changes the subject to the powers of makeup and contour. This is maybe because, while she has nothing to say about her body, she adamantly claims that she had absolutely no work done on her face.

Jennifer Lopez


Jenny from the block has refuted the rumors about her undergoing a facial plastic surgery for years. Even though her former and present pictures show clear signs of change in features – which was noticed by a certain plastic surgeon as well – she never admitted, to this day, she had any surgical work done and even got a retraction from the mentioned surgeon. But the pictures still make the world wonder.

Kim Kardashian


The immense popularity of Kardashian family still wasn’t a good enough reason for Kim to come clean about having a nose job done. It is obvious from her pictures that her nose is now smaller and more refined, which wasn’t left unnoticed by some surgeons, either. Well, it is more than obvious for general public as well. Still, Kim refuses to talk about plastic surgeries, and is determined to defend her looks by promoting good contour techniques and nonsurgical treatments.

Blake Lively


Even though she never explicitly denied having some fine rhinoplasty done, Blake still very much enjoys talking about the wonders of makeup and contour when it comes to changing her features a bit. Truth to be told, if she had a nose job, it was very subtly done and one might wonder whether she’s actually telling the truth.

Kylie Jenner


Recent favorite of the media, Kylie’s lips seem to be the main talk the past few months, especially with the controversy of her lip kits. She claims that she never had plastic surgery and that she can make her lips bigger with makeup and contour, but according to professionals who perform plastic surgery in Sydney, such a drastic change in lip appearance is obviously not just makeup and contour whatever she and her biggest fans might say. Lip sucking – that was mentioned as one of the additional techniques she uses to make her lips bigger – is also regarded as something that can’t possibly create such a change, and is actually pretty dangerous.

Megan Fox


Sometime after the rumors of her having Botox started, Megan decided to show the world how wrong these accusations are. She posted some pictures online showing how she can wrinkle her forehead, which is impossible for anyone who had Botox. Still, her pictures show clear difference in the texture of her skin and one might wonder why she took her time to post these pictures instead of doing so immediately after the first wave of Botox claims.

Is plastic surgery really worth such a hype and effort to hide it? Past experience shows that the world doesn’t judge celebrities who admitted having plastic surgeries, as much as those who desperately try to hide it, even when the procedure is more than obvious. Perhaps the abovementioned celebrities need their own share of motivational quotes, in order to accept and admit the fact that they, too, had something they didn’t find attractive on their face or body and took the necessary steps towards changing it.