Friendship Day calls for really special gift that can express your emotions and attachment with your dear friend. It is an occasion which you can utilize to further strengthen your bond with your friend with you share all your feelings whether you are sad or happy. Here are some of the best gifting ideas to pamper your friendship.

Fitness Club Membership

Friendship is all about caring and thus with a membership to a fitness club, you can gift good health to your precious friend who might be too lost in the hectic life to care about his or health. Health is the key to happiness in life.

A Favorite Book or a CD

Gifting the book from the favorite author or the favorite title is an excellent way to show how much you know about your friend and understand his likes and dislikes. If your friend does not enjoy reading books, you can gift a music CD that suites his style.

Sports Gadgets

Sports are the simplest ways to keep our body fit and energetic. If you friend cannot afford to find time for a gyp of fitness center, you can gift a foot massager, exercise ball, stress eraser or something of that sorts that can refresh him at the end of the day. This is something that will remind him of your care every day.


There are some things that we just cannot stop craving about them in life and chocolate is surely features on top of that list. Chocolates are also a natural mood lifter and your friend will never able to resist the temptation of this yummy friendship day gift. You can choose those especially shaped chocolates meant for special occasions.


Flowers with their amazing fresh looks and delicacy are the easiest way to touch anybody’s heart. A simple buck of lilies or daisy or roses can make a day of your best friend. It is one of the simplest yet heart touching gifting idea. Choose the type and color of the flowers according to your friend likes to make it even more effective.

Homemade Gift

If you are good at art like crafting, pottery, card making or anything like that there is nothing better than gifting something is prepared by your own hand. It will be the most unique gift as it will be single one of its own kind especially made for your friend.

Digital Photo frames

Nothing can beat the charm and touch of still images in life. Images can hold the memories and keep them fresh and we can almost relive those moments with images. Thus a digital photo frame that can hold multiple images can be a spectacular gift.

A Fitness Band

Fitness Band is the easiest way to keep track of your health and daily activities. It is sleek and stylish, something that your friend will love to put on his wrist.

A day out with your Friend

In the business of our life, we can sometime forget about the importance of spending quality time together. Friendship day gives you a perfect occasion to plan a picnic or a long drive that can bring you further closer.

Scented Candles

Candles are meant for the special occasions and with scented candles you can fill your relationship with sweet aroma of togetherness that will hold you as one lifelong.