Going to the salon to fix your brows is a dream in this isolation period. With more weeks to spend at home, many of us resort to at-home brow maintenance. The last thing that you want is an over-plucked brow. There are a significant number of dos and don’ts that you must follow to ensure that you are shaping the eyebrows perfectly. All you need is tweezers.

Do not go overboard! 

The common mistake that many individuals do is taking off much hair from the brows to create a shape. A better way to ensure that you are in shape is by removing limitedly without going overboard. A light tweak is preferable than over-grooming. Many tend to go too far at the front and the end of the brow, which are the two most important areas to create the intended shape. If you remove excess hair, you will have nothing left and cannot create the form you need.

  1. It is advisable to use the mini tweezers than electrical products while shaping the brows.
  2. Make sure that you are keeping at least a finger of distance when you are using the tweezers.
  3. Even when you are tweezing the start, tail, top, or bottom, maintaining the one-finger away factor is essential. You can clean up the remaining areas with ease.
  4. Ensure that you are setting the tweezers at an angle, as it prevents hair breakage and damage.

Trim or not to trim? 

At-home brow maintenance requires experience and the ability to create a diagonal line. If you can create that line during the cut, then you start doing it very slowly. If you do not have the confidence, then it is advisable to wait for the trim and use the tweezers to remove unwanted hairs from essential areas.

Encouraging hair growth

The best advice that you can have right now is the use of growth serum. The vitamins, peptides, and amino acids help in the growth of the lashes and brows. You can pick a leading brand in this category or choose to follow the one that you already are using. You will not see results immediately. At-home brow maintenance gives you the chance to groom according to your taste. But, that also requires taking care of the brows, and using the serum is the best option.

Practice brow-filling

You can buy a brow-filling kit, which is widely available from different manufacturers. The kit consists of a pencil and a brow gel. The gel helps in setting the brows in place. Start by drawing a line above and below the brow, and then fill the region with hair-like strokes. After completion, use the gel once again to set the hair and to keep them hydrated.

The Biggest don’t! 

There is only one thing that is a big no for you while you think of at-home brow maintenance – never think of dyeing your brows at home! The entire process is different and challenging. It is advisable to leave that part to the professionals. Meanwhile, you can indulge in using the tweezers to shape the brows. You might practice with the tweezers with the front, and the tail ends. It will give you the chance to explore the ways through which you can perfect the procedure of maintaining your brows at home.