With November practically over already it’s time we gave some serious thought to Christmas holidays and Christmas shopping. We want to pick the best gifts for the ones we love, and it can be a real nightmare when we find ourselves stuck and without the slightest idea what to get for them. Boyfriends are particularly tricky to buy a gift for as they don’t usually want to tell us what is it that they actually want to get for Christmas, but that’s why we’re here. We’ve prepared a list of the best Christmas gifts for your significant other:

Phone charging gear

As much as we love our phones, we can’t help but feel frustrated because of them. It seems like battery life is getting shorter and shorter with every new phone model and it can really drive us crazy. It has become virtually unimaginable to leave your home without your charger in your pocket or a bag and it can be inconvenient to find a charging station. This is why it’s a good idea to get your boyfriend a power bank with more than one USB port. Not only will he be able to charge his phone at any time, but you’ll be able to use the power bank too if need be.

Cool headphones

Just as we can’t imagine leaving our house without a phone charger, most of us can’t imagine leaving without headphones either. Even though everyone probably has small earplugs they wear all the time and keep in their pocket, cool headphones would be a great Christmas gift for several reasons. Not only is the sound quality in these much better, but even if your boyfriend doesn’t want to use them while commuting, he can use them for video games and watching movies at home.

Drink holders

The holiday season is the time when we all like to relax and let our hair down a bit, perhaps drink mulled wine or eggnog. This is the reason why different types of glass holders are among the most popular Christmas gifts on the market. Not only can you easily find glass holders for cars, but there are even some that can be used in the shower. This is a funny and adorable Christmas gift that your boyfriend will appreciate. Even if he’s more of a beer-loving kind of guy, there is a solution – shower beer can holder for a double dose of relaxation after a long day.

Keep him warm

Christmas is that charming time when we want to wrap ourselves in blankets and stay warm all day long. Show your boyfriend that you care about his health and wellbeing by getting him a pair of cozy slippers and warm PJs. This way he will know that you want him to stay warm and healthy even during those cold winter nights. If he’s not a fan of PJs, you can always get him a hoodie instead.

Statement socks

Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen the rise of crazy prints for socks. Men and women all over the world are going crazy after colorful socks with different prints and they aren’t trying to hide them but rather to flaunt them. This gives you a chance to pick the awesome-est socks in the world for your boyfriend. Anything from superhero prints to SpongeBob SquarePants will draw a smile on his face; if you want to enhance the festive atmosphere you could buy him socks with candy canes and reindeers, but you could also do the opposite and get him some with palm trees and flamingos.

When you take time to do a bit of research online before your Christmas shopping, you’ll soon discover that buying gifts for boyfriends isn’t as difficult as you might have thought in the beginning. Preparation is the key here and you want to act fast because most of the items we listed here are highly sought-after and you don’t want to go shopping only to discover that the best ones have been sold out already.