Our Sensory system is one of the most important functions our body performs as it is linked to the Limbic system of our brain. This is the system that affects our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions and it also stores all our memories. The Limbic system is directly connected to our nervous and hormonal systems which affect them directly.

Our Olfactory system is also crucial for us as it is responsible for remembering the old memories, influencing our behavior and thoughts. It has the power to change the way we feel about someone or something. It also has a direct effect on the pleasure center of our brains. It can make something amazing for us or make us believe that something is dangerous or highly repulsive.

Benefits of the Olfactory system:

Our sense of smell helps protect us, nurtures us, nourishes us and provides helpful information about the environment that we are in. It could be real, imagined, or a recollection from memory or several memories.

The Olfactory system has the ability to:

  • Controls our taste
  • Decide whether we like something or not
  • Heal us
  • Lets us know if we are getting sick
  • Stimulates our desires and emotions
  • Attracts people towards us and attracts us towards others, whether they are partners or friends
  • Improves our energy levels

Smelling good doesn’t take much effort. Either you take shower with good smelling soap or body wash or you always have the option to buy fragrances online in Australia.

Here are the ten reasons why smelling good is so important for you:

1. Protects Us

Our sense of smell gives us the protection that we don’t have from the other senses. We can smell a fire before we can see it. The same is true about food or drinks that might be dangerous. Milk gone sour is the best example. That is why smelling good is so important so that you don’t send the wrong signal to others about you.

2. Nourishes Us

A sense of smell tells us what will nourish us and what won’t. For example, when you open your fridge, you can differentiate between the foods that have gone bad and the foods which are still fresh. That is also true for relationships. When you are meeting with your loved one, it’s better to smell good and have pleasant feelings.

3. Informs Us

Our Olfactory system has so much more to offer us than the differentiation between good and bad foods. It also informs us about what we like and what we dislike. It works with our other senses which send signals to our brain about things that we like and dislike. When we smell something, our brain immediately stores it in our brain. This means that whenever we smell that fragrance again, we associate it with the feelings that we had earlier.

4. Reminds Us

Our sense of smell reminds us of things that we have experienced in the past. That is the reason why you want to smell good. Since whenever you will meet people, it will remind them of the good times that they had with you and it will create a pleasant feeling among them. Be it a good smelling after a shave or a cologne you use, it generates positive vibes among everyone you meet.

5. Nurtures Us

Beautiful fragrances have the power to uplift us when we are down. They can lift our spirits, improve our moods, and they can help us get to feel good. These smells can help us feel safe when we are feeling like we are in danger. If you ask people why they wear perfumes, cologne or aftershave, they will answer you by saying:

  • Smelling good helps us to look good.
  • Smelling good boosts our confidence.
  • Smelling good makes us feel beautiful and attractive

6. Heals Us

Believe it or not but our sense of smell helps us heal. Not only does it helps in elevating our mood when we are feeling down, but it also helps in fighting infections and killing bacteria. These therapeutic properties of the fragrances help in opening our breathing passages when we are suffering from cold, flu, or nausea. They even help reduce the impact of migraines and headaches. They combat stress, tension, anxiety, worry, fear, depression, sadness, and melancholy in different people.

7. Stimulates or Sedates Our Mind

Colognes, perfumes, and aftershaves have the property to relax and stimulate our emotions. If you have used bath salts, you will know exactly what we are talking about. They can help us regain consciousness or they can put us into a deep and comfortable sleep. They boost our concentration as well.

8. Enhances Performance

Whether we talk about digestion, respiration, reproduction or any other internal system, our olfactory system has a direct impact on them as well as others. The smells that can improve our performance and energy levels are lemon, tea tree, lavender, thyme, myrrh and lemongrass among others.

9. Attracts Lovers, Sexual Partners, and Even Friends

Smelling good can affect the attraction that others feel towards you, whether they are your friends, sexual partners, or anyone else. If you smell good, you will see that you will perform well in a business meeting as well as other events.

10. Stimulates Our Imagination

Long ago our ancestors discovered that different types of aromas help to stimulate our imaginations. In that period the ancestors used different herbs, trees, and shrubs to make several fragrances. Religious ceremonies in the past also used intense aromatic oils to make the ceremony vibrant.


Now you know how important our sensory system is and the various benefits it provides us. It is near impossible to live without the sense of smell, not only does it provides the differentiation between good and bad tasting food but it helps to alleviate uplift our mood. So make sure that you smell good all the time and spread positive vibes where ever you go.