In this modern digital era, we all know that footwear has become an important part of our social lives, The footwear industry putting their all creativity and specialization to design the best footwear for us. For people like you and me.

We need different types of footwear for different types of occasions. Like, fancy, formal, semi-casual and casual. You know, you can’t wear a fancy heel in a sports event and joggers at your prom night.

Even shoes define the lifestyles and the region as well of a person, for example, a sea pirate wear pointed shoes while a cowboy wears the cowboy style boots.

All these things had been set up in our minds by the marketers of the shoe manufacturing companies through various methods, like movies, cartoons, advertisements, and even video games, which is not something to be considered bad because this is the way you should wear and also have option of women’s sneaker online where you can buy it online.

The Fascinating History of Footwear

Were shoes and other footwear were so important to people before:

In the past, if you talk about the kings and queens in the stone age. They have so much respect and they have to be well dressed. In that era, the kings used to wear the footwear of the hard shoe, which were made up of stones and wood while the common people in the tribe used to walk, run and hunt barefoot. But later on, it was thought to be an idiotic thing to do. Metal age is the period where people used to wear hard shoes from the outside made up of steel or iron but from inside it was soft and fur which was made up of sheep wool or from animal fur.

Till that era, shoes and other footwear were used as protection for feet according to the different areas and places. For example, people living in colder weather or region, encircled by mountains covered in glaciers, used to wear thick furred shoes that would completely cover their feet. Meanwhile, those people living in hot areas like Arabians deserted areas used to wear thin slippers or shoes with a thin and pointed base so that they can walk on deserted areas easily.

But then this footwear started becoming a fashion element. In the beginning, when two leaders of different tribes used to meet each other they have to be well dressed from top to bottom, just to look better, more powerful and wealthier than the other. So the shoes being worn by them had to be good being part of the dress. Later, this fashion spirit started among young and wealthy people. They started spending money on their dresses, on their accessories and even on their shoes. Shoes started becoming a basic fashion unit among the people. And still, after that, shoes and other footwear started becoming an important fashion unit in people’s lives.

Origin of shoes:

Before shoes, sandals and slippers were common and popular among the people. But later on, shoes being the whole-foot-cover became famous among the people. In the beginning, mostly it was worn by the soldiers and farmers. Soldiers, because they have to walk and stay in different areas, passing through different plains and lands which would injure or affect their feet. And the farmers because, of course, working in the fields all day long, unprotected from snakes, insects and other creatures that would harm their feet so badly. But afterward, shoes started becoming famous among people. And this became a fashion element in their society.

In 1550 BC, Egyptians began making shoes from woven reeds, worn as overshoes, they were boat-shaped and had these straps constructed of long and thin reeds being covered by wider strips of the same material. Shoes in this style were being made as late as the nineteenth century. And now in this century. Shoes are not only worn for different occasions, now it has an enormous amount of involvement in our social life, describe the living lifestyle and that is not the end, but people also started to were shoes according to their moods and preferences as well.

The trend of footwear in the current period

In the past few years, the trend of sneakers have captured a really big market in this industry, According to Statista, sneakers world wild market value will approximately increase up to 97.8 billion dollars by 2024.

Now people, especially, ladies, prefer to wear sneakers over heels. Even at the parties, you can find a lot of people wearing them, and that is not the end there is a trend also running in many countries, in which bride is wearing the sneakers on her wedding day, so she can be different from the crowd, feel comfier and relax for the rest of the event and I am sure every lady is going to pick this trend on her big day!

However, if we look in the past, sneakers have a key role to play in the success of many athletes. They all have their own kind of likes and dislikes and sneakers never fall short of offering them the comfort they seek. People prefer sneakers for their ease and use when they are running, walking, working out or practicing sports.

And in the world of ladies’ fashion, it goes to another level which we already mentioned to you before, you can pair the sneakers not only with the track suites but also with different kinds of skirts and many other dresses. You can also choose the best shoes for a date with a friend, or for a hardcore workout at the gym, or even for a walk in the park with your besties. So this is the season and trend of sneakers and companies like Nike, Addidas, Gucci and many more, make sure to make their sneakers look more appealing and ultra-comfort, especially the orthopedic one.

Yet, it is still difficult to choose a sneaker. So Forbes researches the latest drifts and also highlighted the most favorite sneakers for ladies, which is mention down below:

Allbird wool runner:

Allbird is new in the game, but they are pretty, super lightweight and comfy. To make these shoes are perfect for all climate they used sport breathable wool upper. And it comes in four different classic colors and they are limited editions.

Tretorn Rawlins III Jogger:

People love the color of Tretorn joggers and they are also suitable for the warm weather, right? The upper leather of the jogger with woven trim, look retro design.

Nike Tanjun Casual Sneakers from Finish Line:

Thanks to Nike Tanjub sneaker, the ’90s are still alive. You can use the combination by wearing the graphic tee with some trendy denim.

Reebok Club C85 Vintage:

We all know! Public conking over the latest revival from renowned brand Reebok, the vintage Club C85. In that brand “C” represents champion and this sneaker was launched back in 1985 which was considered as a tennis shoe. You will love this sneaker everything from paring it with denim to your sundress or skirt.

Genesis Sneaker – Axel Arigato:

Want to add little neon in your wardrobe, so buy Axel Arigato genesis sneakers. This is a subtle way to hop on this style safely.

High Top Sneaker Nike Air Force 1:

Nike Air force 1’s is next on the list, which is 100% classic. In this category you will find it both in high and in low top, however, people demand and love the high top because it makes it super special. And we fall in love with the look of all-white sleek, all you required to cuff the hem of your denim and give a small space between the ankle of your jeans and the top shoe. And it will also look good with everything else and it can also be used as your awesome summer shoe.

Nike Air Max 270:

The color of these shoes will make you smile, and they are fun to wear, but if you don’t like to wear bright, so you can choose the three other available hues color. These sneakers are more towards the athletic side though it would also suit the denim.

Schutz Jackye Sneaker:

Looking for the sneaker which will simply and neutrally can go with your whole wardrobe than Schutz Jackye is perfect for you because they are chunky and top on the trend.

Ash Addict Trainers:

If you are the person who is all into white, so here comes another one in this list, with a fun and interesting crème item on the upper and white and black laces.

Nike Blazer Low LX Sneaker:

We all know, how much ladies love pink/ ivory especially in the Nike blazers, which are perfect to use with a plural skirt and dresses.

APL: Athletic Propulsion Labs Techloom Bliss Sneaker:

For an easy pull, all vote then goes to the loom bliss sneakers.

Nike Classic Cortez Sneaker:

If you are that person who wants only classic, so this one is for you “Nike Cortez sneakers” are for you. These sneakers are super to pair with any outfit when you’re going out the door.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Ultraboost Parley Shoes:

Resolved to run at least 10K or more than that? If yes, you must require a sneaker that can stay as your partner for a long time. If this is what you are looking for, go for the Adidas Ultraboost sneakers. These sneakers are designed and collaborated with Stella McCartney. These sneakers feature the responsive cushioning system, appealing design, and sock-like construction. This product is a perfect example of recycled waste, made from yarn obtained from Parley Ocean Plastic, and it is environmentally friendly. It not brilliant! Running shoe with motivation?

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra 17 LX:

This sneaker was launched in the late ’90s by Nike. In that time, this pair of sneaker was sensational among the runner and athletes. Sleek and comfortable, having the features of max air technology on the sole which is patented and which gives the extra cushioning in activities. And now Nike gives them the latest touch to this sneaker, by adding the suede and velvet. They are ideal for sunning or routine activities.

 New Ace’ Low Top Sneaker of Gucci:

This spring incorporate sneakers were into every ladies wardrobe, it was one the biggest trend this year, for any type of women, high fashion, sporty or feminine. The pair of sneakers manufactured by the renowned brand Gucci makes a statement with any trendy fashion. We all know the Gucci’s signature sneakers from Gucci makes a statement with any outfit. The equestrian-inspired stripe graces of Gucci which has the stripe sides of each shoe and have the style of lace-up. The shoes have the features embellishments like studs and faux pearls. What’s more, Italian leather is used for construction, you can say it is durable and a fashion-forward shoe.

Superga ‘Cotu’ Sneaker

Are you looking for a sneaker for every day? Which could give you causal and look and keep comfortable?. Then try the classic Cotu Superga sneaker. In which you will combine style, function and It is available in a variety of colors and patterns. The feature it contains is a rubber textured sole, logo-embossed eyelets and cotton or upper leather construction. So, ladies, these shoes errand the attention!

Loeffler Randall Scout Sock Sneaker

This year sock booties of Loeffler Randall were all the rage among fashions street style star. This pair takes on the casual look of sneakers to another level. It manufactured by Loeffler Randall, who combine the style and sporty feel. And this shoe features a slip-on style and colorful striped.

Tory Sport Ruffle Sneaker

This sneaker was launched in the year of 2017 by tor sports collection and now comes back with new colorful designs and patterns. This pair of sneakers is an idol to wear with denim and give you comfort throughout the day. It also has a feminine element and a ruffled design. You can have a variety of colors which include the trendy rainbow stripe.

Puma Suede Sneaker

Puma brings back this season the retro style of suede sneakers! Puma sneakers mostly have the texture of vintage style, combined with luxe suede pattern. This shoe features a puma classic stripe pattern with a durable sole and lace-up style. It also offers vibrant color shades.

Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers:

These sneakers make the fashion industry a bit crazy. Insider, model and celebrities were flocking to the sneaker designed with the appeal of vintage. This shoe is also known as “the grandpa shoe” in the fashion industry because of its orthopedic look. The fashionistas love to wear these sneakers with everything from suits to dresses. The leather and mesh used for the construction, and also have the features of wave details with the combination of a pop of pink. So get your self a set before it will be out of stock.

Fila Disruptor Leather Sneakers

Recall the trend of thick-soled sneakers in the ’90s, which go along with women’s skirts, dresses, and tights? Now, this trend is back on track and made a proper return and gain popularity in the year 2018. This Fila sneakers also make a good combination with the trending high rise mom jeans. This time this shoe is fashioned with smooth white leather and featured of lightweight design has an eye-catching lace-up style and geometric pattern on the sole.

Metallic Sneaker:

The top fashionistas are overheal with these sneakers, in the world of top street style, stars have been wearing gold on their feet. Metallic sneakers. Are the high shine, the can be considered the top shoe trends and the not only girl even male support them. We all know gold is undoubtedly a winning color, on the other hand, silver and rose gold have also the demand in the market. So buy your top color of the metallic sneaker and join the gang “look at me” style your wardrobe daily.

Creeper Sneakers:

This type of sneakers has long been in the market and has been the top choice for a number of people for the past many years. Influenced from the World War II battlefield to the 70s punk scene, you would find it relating to the recent major historic moments in human history. Louis Vuitton is the one who gives the design update with its signature logo print. That becomes the talk of the fashion industry. So don’t be shy and afraid to your favorite sock peek through the top, and it will give an extra style statement.

Chunky Sneakers:

You already know that sneaker becomes a permanent fixture in runways collection, so you don’t need to expect that your dad sneakers to disappear completely anytime soon. If you like to instead of buying one, style those up with a tie-dye top or rugby shirt dress so you can get ultimate color clash approved combo. This is one of the comfortable trends and your feet will be thankful for that.


The fashion trends come and go but always remember history repeat. If they are gone don’t be worried they will be back again with the better features in the market, furthermore make sure that the style which you pick, you are carrying it well, and put your comfort first. Shoes also consider as the signature of a person, lifestyle and standard. The market and trend of the sneaker will stay longer than you think, so buy before it goes out of the range.