Your other half lands his dream job on the other side of the country – or half-way around the globe. You are so excited for him, but you can’t help but feel melancholy. After all, long-distance relationships don’t work – or so they say. But is that really the case?

While it may be tough, you don’t have to let distance tear you apart. Here’s a look at things you can do together when you’re apart that will strengthen your bond and make your relationship a success, no matter how many miles are between you.

Talk on the Regular

Regular contact with each other is an absolute must if you want a long distance relationship to work. If you don’t put talking to each other high on your list of priorities, you’ll lose your connection and your relationship will slowly (or quickly) start to crumble. Even if you’re on different time zones, schedule regular phone calls or video chat sessions. If you have to, set alarm clocks so that you can wake up and chat. While you may be tired, hearing your loved one’s voice will definitely make it worth your while.

However, there is a caveat to regular communication; you don’t have to do it too much. While talking regularly is super important, you shouldn’t treat it like a job. If you do, you might lose the thrill and excitement, which could be damaging to your relationship.

Send Photos

Just because you can’t have the same experiences together, that doesn’t mean you can’t share your experiences with one another. Snap photos of things you are doing throughout the day and share them via text or email. Take photos of fun places you visit or meals you are eating. Send pictures of things you are proud of, or something that made you think of your other half.

Sharing photos with each other will keep you both in the loop of the things that are going on in your lives.

Watch Movies Together

While you might not be able to go to the cinema together, you can certainly have a movie night with your long distance partner. You can rent the same movie, open up your video chat, and watch it together. Write comments back and forth or verbally discuss what you thought about the film. It might sound silly, but watching a movie together like this is a great way to have a long distance date night.

Write Letters

Phone calls, emails, and texts are all great way to stay connected, but there’s something so romantic about receiving a hand-written letter in the mail.

Write letters back and forth to each other. Spray it with your cologne before you pop it in the meal, or put on some brightly colored lipstick and seal the letter with a kiss. The excitement your other half will feel when he or she receives the letter, sees your handwriting, smells your cologne, or sees your lipstick will totally help to keep the flame burning.

Plan Regular Visits

While it’s important to establish an end date for the long distance so you can actually be together, if you aren’t at the point where you can do that you, it’s important that you do see each other in person.

You can visit one another’s homestead or plan a trip to another location together; if you’re thousands of miles apart, plan to meet somewhere in the middle, for example. Use the planning process for your trips together as a way to connect, too! Discussing places you want to visit and things you want to do in the months, weeks, and days leading up to your rendezvous will make seeing each other even more exciting.

As long as you are strongly committed to each other and make one another a priority, you can definitely make a long distance relationship a success.