From Coco Chanel to Marilyn Monroe. From Carrie Bradshaw to Rihanna, the layered pearl necklaces look has been going strong for decades. Regardless if you’re a big fan of classy little black dresses or prefer edgier ensembles, layered pearl necklaces simply can’t go wrong. Ready to try out this timeless look? If so, check out some of our favorite ways to rock it like a pro:

  1. Keep It Classy with Choker and Princess Lengths

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You simply can’t miss the mark on timeless chicness when following this style recipe. All you need to recreate this classy look: choker and princess-length pearl necklaces. Option one: mix and match daintier pearl necklaces in choker lengths with statement pieces featuring larger beads. Option two: go for an even classier look. The old Hollywood glam way with identical pearl necklaces of different lengths.

  1. Go Wild with the Mix and Match Look

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If you prefer modern styles over retro elegance, this look is for you. Chic, contemporary and eclectic to the max, the mish-mash effect can be easily achieved. Just mix different lengths, pearl sizes, crystals and even metals. Add cable chain, as well as pendant necklaces into the mix for a look that’s creative and playful. Don’t shy away from mixing silver and gold tone necklaces. Also, clear crystals and cable fringe for a look that’s unique and highly personalized. Whether you pair this style with a tee and jeans or with a little black dress, the effect is guaranteed. Utter chicness with strong modern vibes!

  1. Opt for Bohemian Vibes with Long Ropes of Pearls

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Romantic, feminine and bohemian to the max! Whether you’re attending a formal event or simply want to add a whimsical touch to your outfit, this relaxed style is a definite must-try. Count on a diverse range of pearl necklaces in opera and rope lengths. Always go for pearl sizes that fall in the mid-size range! Perfect for romantic dates, special events and celebrations, anniversaries and, why not, weddings. This look carries an aura of ladylike sophistication.

  1. Go the Maximalist Way à la Rihanna

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If you’re not the biggest fan of discreet accessories and always prefer drama over daintiness, this style is your best match. Confident, lush and extravagant, but equally fun: the maximalist way à la Rihanna! There’s no better way to make a memorable entrance than with ropes and ropes of pearl necklaces. Mark your big fashion arrival by going the maximalist route and opting for a mix of necklaces. Especially for those that start at princess length and fall all the way down below your waist. Powerful, cool and playful! This look can make even the most basic of outfits look like a major style statement.

  1. Embrace Sophistication with a Modern Twist

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Going back to more subdued ways to rock pearl necklaces! This next layering style is a versatile, easy and timelessly chic. What you’ll need to recreate it: a cotton or denim button-down top with a collar and a few princess-cut necklaces. Start by layering your pieces under your collar from the thinnest and shortest to the thickest and longest. Another tip to remember: make sure the necklaces are secured closely to one another. Pair this look with smart-casual attire or business-ready ensembles. Obviously, count on looking effortlessly posh in the process.

Effortlessly chic and timeless, pearl necklaces offer a great way to accessorize outfits. Three or more pearl necklaces is all you need to take your next look out of anonymity. Our verdict: regardless if your style is classic or bohemian, layering pearl necklaces can make a memorable fashion statement.