When I wake up’ its my dream to look like fairy princess or I should say it’s a dream of every girl to look like a princess of fairy tale. But if you suddenly see a big ball size red pimple on your face……. It’s horrifying. It’s a big nightmare of mine. But being a girl I have to go through this phase, but girls that phase is what which I cannot explain you in words. Meet me my definition of pimple can give you some idea about my thoughts

P   Pathetic

I     Immerse as Disaster

M   Most annoying

P   Pensively irritating

L    Looks like monster

E   etc etc etc…….

I know you all feel the small for pimple. Girls we look to look fab of the day but a pimple can spoil all this and the worst thing is your friends and family keeps on noticing the thing which you don’t want them to notice. This gives a feel of that I am the ugliest lady on this planet.

The worst part is that when it come when some special occasion is about to come. And girls trust me my most of the event are spoiled with is this monster. People say it is due to some chemical reaction in our body, but why why why these reactions happen mostly when we have to attend a party……..

I hate that

I hate that……….

I know you all can correlate your situation with mine, but as said by other it’s a part of life………and the most embarrassing moment is when my boyfriend notices that……

Most of the time I cancel all my meeting and plans for the day giving different excuses and faltu ke bahane…..

It’s very easy to say “hota hai hota hai” but “jiske saath hota hai wahi khota hai……”

My mom supports me by giving different home remedies but usually that took a week to cure that monster. I want a quick fix solution to this problem. For this I have used lots of cosmetic and different product. But I found it does not give me a solution even my skin was damaged by using such chemical on my face. But it’s said “MARTA KYA NAHI KARTA”

And finally I found a real fighter who can really fight with this monster. Garnier Neem Face wash. It’s so effective that my pimple got vanish in just two days…. Now I need not to worry so much about this monster I got a correct weapon to fight with it.

When it comes to its uses I must say it is 100 times easier than my mom gharelu nuske…. I just need to simply massage on damp face using fingertips and the wash it off thoroughly. It is as simple as a small kid can do it well. It is effective because it consist of Neem Leaf Extract and Tea Tree oil.


We all know the Neem is a true solution for all skin related problem and its blend with tea leaves give it a charge up. The best part is that it is soap free so no chance of any damage to your skin.

Now I used it daily because I don’t want that Monster to come again on my face and girls my skin is perfect and I find it clearer than ever. It also helps me to remove the marks as it consist of Sodium glycolate which peeling the skin cells and lighten the pimple marks. Salicylic acid is also present in it which is a well known anti-acne agent and it prevents blackheads and whiteheads and fades dark marks. It is a complete solution to all problems in a single unit.

It you want doesn’t want to go through the phase I have gone through then plzzzz plzzzz go and Grab the best weapon to fight this monster:

Garnier Pure Active Neem Wash

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