There are so many ways to get to know a person. Obviously their social media says a lot about them and there is always good old conversation. But either way you’re getting only what they allow you to know, somewhat of a filtered version of themself. It’s hard to feel like you really know a person until you see a part of their routine or a snippet of their daily life.

Equally as daunting is the first time you use the bathroom at your boyfriend’s place. Any girl knows how personal bathrooms are. It’s a place where you store some of your most intimate possessions that can really be telling of who you are as a person. Which is why taking a look around your boyfriend’s bathroom can tell you a lot about him as a person. Just be prepared to come across some unexpected items and don’t freak out when you do, because let’s face it we all have embarrassing things in our bathrooms and our guys deserve to practice self-care too.

The Bathtime Companion

You peek into your boyfriend’s bathtub and see a rubber ducky sitting on the ledge staring back at you. Suddenly you are confused as to if you should laugh or panic. What the heck does he need a rubber ducky for? Was it from an ex? Believe it or not some people, guys included, just like rubber duckys. For some it may be the aesthetic, for others they may have an emotional value like in this story.

For When He Needs Some Extra Help

Somewhere in his bathroom, either in the medicine cabinet or just sitting on the sink, you find a prescription bottle. You might be unfamiliar with the name but you Google it and it turns out that your boyfriend is taking medication for erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil is one of the most often prescribed generic versions. Just because he may need some extra help in keeping it up doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your boyfriend, or you. He might not have told you about the medication because he is embarrassed or doesn’t want you to blame yourself. The fact is that erectile dysfunction is totally normal and very common.

So That’s Why His Skin Always Looks Good

As you’re in the bathroom, you come across your favorite face mask. Your first instinct may be how sweet your BF was to buy it for you, then you notice the product has been used. Skincare is not gender specific. It is just as important for men to prime, moisturize and treat problem areas as it is for women to. In fact there are some face masks that work especially well on men’s skin. And let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather be with someone who knew the importance of a good skincare regimen?

Everyone Needs to Relax Sometimes

Sitting next to his bathtub or on top of his sink, you see candles. While you might think that candles are a weird thing to find in a guys bathroom, you also should not be shocked. Lighting a candle in your favorite scent is a great way to unwind and destress after a particularly exhausting day. They even have a guide for which scented candles men should be using.

Those Luscious Locks

You’re looking around and see a can of mousse sitting among other grooming products. What may appear to be an out of place product left behind by some other girl, could actually be the key to your boyfriend’s soft and styled hair. Much like the skincare mentioned earlier, caring about your hair is not gender exclusive and neither are the products. In fact, men enjoy using mousse for the same reasons we do, it’s light and it shows results.

As you can see there is a reason for everything. So if you come across any of these, or any other odd items you would not expect to find in a guys bathroom, the best thing you can do is not panic and keep an open mind. Remember, men deserve to pamper themselves and practice self-care too. And if anything really bothers you, just mention it to your boyfriend so you can talk it out.