Have you been planning a trip with your family but are too lazy to put it in action? Well, stop procrastinating and pack your bags to go camping with your family now.

Here we’ve prepared a list to help you decide why camping with your family once a year is important for your well-being.

Family Time = Bonding Time

Sleeping together in a tent, spending time in an RV or trekking is one way to get your family to stay together over the weekend. Not just that, it also allows you as a family to enjoy numerous fun activities that you rarely get to do at home while living with busy schedules.

Camping together will enable you to cook together, prepare suppers, working together to set up your sleeping beds for the night. You can also indulge in activities like climbing, swimming, fishing, exploring, and eating roasted marshmallows. Sharing stories around the campfire and reminiscing on childhood memories and your parents first met is a great way for a family to bond emotionally.

Without the general interruptions you may face at home, now is the time to slow down and be more present with your children. Feel free to share your fears, hopes, and dreams with the people you love.

Explore Nature

Fun fact: did you know only 19% of children climb trees now?

Research has proved the advantages of camping with kids. Evidence reveals that children who explore nature or go out more on camping with family are happier and more sympathetic. They also have higher cognitive intelligence.

A study in the UK showed that school going children know more about Pokémon than they do about nature and wildlife. This is more saddening to know that our children are more fascinated with anime than real life creatures.

Camping will push your kids out of their comfort zone and into a place where they will see and experience nature and wildlife in real life and not just on the television.

Also, for some it might be nerve-racking or overwhelming, to go on a trip with their family. Your children might freak out when they first see a venomous snake or a deadly spider, but that’s just going to add on to the stories they must tell their friends when they go back to school.

A Learning Experience

As a family, you won’t learn about nature. You’ll gain a lot more from this trip. You’ll learn about survival, about living in limited resources, the value of spending more time with your family and maybe each other’s secrets too.

Kids get an opportunity to find out about their surroundings, however, they can also learn to prepare meals, starting fires, cooking, how to set up a tent, learn more about fun activities (e.g. Fishing, hiking), and most importantly learn to live without a computer or television.

Staying together in a relaxed and not so busy place might also help siblings to get along with each other.

Fresh Air- a cure to for all problems

Very few of us most likely sit on our terraces during the evening and gaze toward the sky with our kids – There is always something that will keep you occupied around the house or a show on TV or on our computers.

When you are camping outdoors, your only option is to sit and look at the stars and interact with your family. Sit with your kids, share stories and be fascinated by the stars above you, the peacefulness and the perfect air.

Yes, there are no interferences, No deadlines to worry about. Welcome the stillness and the serenity. Your children will as well.

Activities for the family to do together

You don’t have to worry about ‘how to choose a tent’ if you want to make camping fun. Similarly, it’s not about simply staying inside the canvas shelter throughout the day. Traveling to your favorite campsite is an investment, not an expenditure. Kids, as you can guess, require more attention.  So you must plan activities to keep your kids engaged and happy.
When you wake up in the morning and depending on the location of your campground, there are a lot of activities that Y’all can do together – for example, climbing, kayaking, fishing, making fire, climbing trees, and playing hide and seek.

If you have brought your bicycles along, riding on soil and over knocks is a lot more fun – not to forget, there are new areas to explore!

The kind of activity your kid would do depend upon their age and environment, yet the primary concern is they are moving and outside and ideally having a good time!

An awesome method to make them move and stay active is a scavenger’s hunt.

Simply make sure to have a few quick bites prepared; exercise and hunting make kids hungry real fast.