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Have you ever experienced looking for that perfect color of nail polish, but you just couldn’t find anything that you would want to wear? Or getting pissed off because you’ve already applied three layers of this thin nail polish and it is still opaque? Or maybe you would just like to start your own line of nail polishes? Or maybe you want to draw this perfect pop culture reference art into your nail, but the accurate color just does not exist?

Well, we found a fix to all these dilemmas—make your own custom color.

The most common approach to going about this process is by using a clear nail polish and a colorant—most probably eyeshadow—in the shade of color that you want. Once you have those two ingredients, you can start crushing the eyeshadow in a Ziploc bag because you would need it to lose, for better mixing, so it doesn’t get clumped together while inside the empty nail polish bottles. Once you got the eyeshadow in a loose powder, you would just need to pour it inside the bottle of the clear nail polish using a small funnel. Shake well and then start applying!


Tips: if the color you want is not available in an eyeshadow form, you can mix the eyeshadows up! On the other hand, if a clear nail polish is not available, using a white nail polish is okay too. You should just expect that the color would not come up as bright as you want. For example, if you want black nail polish but you used white nail polish mixed with black eyeshadow, the final product would be a little grayish.

Nowthere are various types of clear nail polish. There are top coats, base coats, and the normal clear nail polish. We suggest that you use a base coat for making your own nail polish color because they have very good suspending capabilities. The colorants would mix well with these clear polishes; just make sure that you’re getting one that is specifically a “suspending base.”

Topcoats are a good second choice, too, but just keep in mind that they might not suspend the colorants, as well as a base coat, does. If you used a topcoat for your clear polish, then that is not a problem. Just make sure to shake the product a little longer first before every application to make sure that the colors are evenly distributed.

Eyeshadow is not your only choice of colorants too. You can use food coloring mixed with a top coat. It will come out as a light tint if that is your thing because that is a very nice effect too. Pretty much any oil-based or oil-dispersible cosmetic colorant could be used, be honest. As long as they are made for cosmetic use. There are craft glitters, food dyes, and mineral micas. Other non-cosmetic colorants can be used too. However, they might not behave the same way in their nail polish bottles since they are not made for that.

Other tips: want to make a thick nail polish thinner? Use nail polish thinners—they exist! Want to thicken a thin nail polish? Add more eyeshadowor colorants!You can even combine two nail polishes too. However, keep in mind that when you use two different brands to mix since they don’t have the same properties, they might not mix seamlessly and you’ll end up with a marbled effect. But if that is what you’re aiming for, then go ahead.

Now that we’ve got all these basics down, you can now go on and make that dream nail polish color you’ve always wanted!