We live in a fast-paced world. Sadly, if we don’t run in the fast lane, we will drop out. What’s worse is that we fear to lose the race. What would happen if I can’t keep pace with the changing trends?

Multi-tasking sounds like a great idea only if you are single and don’t have kids to manage. You can go to work and come back home whenever you want. Don’t feel like cooking? Get fresh pizza delivered at your doorstep. However, the equation changes when you have adorable angels to look after.

That’s right. Managing home and work is tough when you have to come home and cook the meal for your family and have to take out time to bond with them. It will be a challenge to pick between work and family. It might sound overwhelming, but most women face the same dilemma.

Some choose career over family while others give up their dreams to spend time with their kids. But honey, that’s not the solution. First, you should not make choices among these. Everything is vital for our life.

Imagine if you can maintain the work-life balance. Sounds interesting, right? It seems like you’ve found the solution to almost every problem in your life.

The following are some proven hacks that can help you manage your job and your home. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. Here are some ways that will help you bond with your kids even if you have a busy schedule.

Hang around at bedtime

The least you could do to connect with your kids is to spend time with them at bedtime. You can read stories to them before sleep, or you could ask them to tell you how was their day. It is important that you ask about the new things they’ve learned and whether they are facing any issues with anything or anyone.

Talking to your kids before bedtime helps create a strong bond. Your kids will love the fact that you are giving them time and attention and this will help define their personality.

Talk while traveling with them

Another effective way to get along with your kids is talking to them when you are traveling together in the car. Whenever you are taking them to the school or even the grocery store; you can always look up to talking to them. Ask them how is everything at school, anything they want to share with their friends, or maybe what they would love to have for dinner.

Let your kids help you with grocery shopping. This could really help you strengthen the bond with your kids, and they won’t feel left out or ignored.

Make movie plans

Plan to see movies together on weekends. Get some popcorn, hot dogs and enjoy quality time with your kids. Because when it comes to movies and food, kids would go crazy over the idea and probably would love you even more.

Prepare dinner together

Let your kids help you with meal preparation. You can also let them cook their favorite meals like macaroni and cheese or maybe tacos occasionally. Dinner time is family time, make the most of it, enjoy the meal, talk to each other and let your worries live somewhere else for a short while. Remember that it is important to have a routine so you and your kids can be healthy. Make sure you sleep and wake up on time and have a balanced meal plan. These small lifestyle changes can prevent you from falling into the trap of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Leave notes for them to find

Leaving small notes at the places least expected shows how much you love them, how much they mean to you, how you care for them. Above all, it shows that how you want to spend time with them, but there are other important things as well in the world to take care of. But it does not mean that they are not important. Even though you had important tasks to handle, you were thinking of them.

Work on small projects together

Working on small projects with your children will also help them find importance in your attitude towards them. You can always help them build a dog house or tree house, or maybe planting, even if they want to paint their whole room in multiple colors as far it looks tidy. You can help them with school projects or any new and creative idea they came up with.

Spending time with the kid is very important. It shows them how much we love them. That’s how they will understand us; they will love us. Try finding time for your family and children because your unconditional love for them will last forever.