It’s a special feeling to be in a relationship. But it is very important to understand when it is not working or simply the end of it. The relationship is strengthened by love not by imposing things on everyone.

Let’s just talk about the 7 signs that indicated things are not working properly in a relationship.

  • When you get a thought he/she is changing and he is no more the same whom you chosen to live with. Things are not perfect and when his every act troubles you.
  • When the sweet lovy dovy talks turns into arguments and no one is ready to comprise.
  • When the feeling of irritation is more that the feeling of a love in your relationship. You get irritated with his activities. You stat comparing the thing with other couples and find that they are in much better condition.
  • When you go on date then it ends with complains instead of romantic’s experiences. The regret why you have gone for the same. Then this is a clear message that thing are not working properly.
  • When you find yourself attracted yourself to other guy and he has started taking interest more interest in other girls and he always compares you with other girls out there.
  • Your friends don’t ask you how it’s going any longer, as they know that it’s very soon going to be a really throbbing discussion that can’t actually go anywhere because you haven’t worked up the audacity to do anything about it.
  • Last and the least when violence enters into your relationship because when violence enters the love walk out from the window. So this is the most clear sign that you relationship need to be ended.

One thing I must tell you when you enter the topic for search then remember everything is not cool and you are searching a different option. And one of the greatest sign is that you enter this topic to be searched.

I hope this is going to help you in identifying the state of your relationship. It was great talking to you.