Red is the hottest colour it a colour of love and anger too. Red colour has an inbuilt property of attracting everyone eyes and when it on your lips then you only can imagine the people reaction.

But you should take care of the following tips while wearing red lip Colour.

Red lipstick is a worldwide common and trendy too but still some of the girls find that it not meant for then but it not true all the point is selecting the right shade for you.

Don’t carry the same colour tone to both your eyes and lips at the similar period. Red lipstick itself is complete when makeup is considered so you should prefer a very like makeup like simple eye liner with no eye shade. If you want to highlight your eyes, go for a sunlit shade on the lips.

Match up the lip colour with a lip liner and mark it with the liner to give a perfect outline to your lips and using this shape of your lips can be highlighted and give a perfect and charming look. One more thing that should be taken care of is keep the shade of lip liner and colour similar because shade difference gives a very bad look.

While talking take care of the lip colour and lip liner. And take care that the foundation or base is kept strong so as while eating or talking it is not spoiled.

Sometime it is assume that red colour lip colour can be wore only with the red colour dress but girls matching the colour of your dress with lip colour is  now old fashion now to red colour goes with the maximum available colours of dresses.


But in what way now days it is bit important to take care of your complexion while wearing lip colour. If you are pink in complexion prestigious shades is a better option, while yellow complexion girls can flatter with electrifying shades of reds.

Most girls gaze decent in red lip colour, but then again the important is to choose the right shadow. When selecting a blind, be assured to phase in the bright light and enquire the outlook of somebody you believe on.

Blending a colour red with other is also used to give variation to the authentic lip colour and it gives a immerse feeling of been an artist isn’t it….?????

Sometime you may like a specific lip colour shade on your friend but that doesn’t mechanically mean that it gonna look cool on you be careful and take an expert advice that is first try and confirm whether it look good or not and be very sure.

I hope not all the girls out there will have a perfect red colour shade of lip color in there makeup kit.

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