Though they are something seen as a little mundane, there is no doubting the importance of the humble pair of shoes. When we are out and about, going to and from work or school, we rely on them to protect our feet and provide comfort and warmth. When we are going to a special occasion like a wedding or on a date, they can often be the sole focus of our outfit and so add a touch a glamour. When we want to do something more adventurous such as hiking or hill-walking, we really on specialist shoes or boots to assist our journey.

It’s likely most of us take them for granted but shoes provide a comfort and a reliability that if omitted would make even the smallest task that little bit more uncomfortable. When a toddler begins to walk, it’s a momentous occasion to take them for their first pair of shoes and some parents like to record the occasion with a photograph. A first pair of shoes is symbolic of a toddler taking their steps towards independence so it’s nice to mark it.

New shoes are available for so many budgets; mass market production has allowed to bring costs down so it’s very easy to purchase an inexpensive shoe. Of course, there are also high end options from shoe designers like Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo to name but two but these are generally luxury purchases.

This infographic from the guys at Walsh Brothers Shoes looks at some interesting and intriguing facts and information that you might not have known in relation to shoes. Check it out below and prepare to astound your friends with your knowledge!