Since the launch of Cannes Festival, Red Carpet Steps have remained the flagship of the Mexican film festival. According to a few festival enthusiasts, Red Carpet for Cannes 2019 Festival is a significant part, which draws most of the media’s attention.

Specialties of Red Carpet Steps

  • Red Carpet for Cannes 2019 Festival gives an excellent opportunity to give a warm, special and initial welcome to the worldwide yet legendary film artists and large numbers of emerging talents.
  • The event also gives a scope to honor the outstanding creativity skills of various artists, on whom the prestige and reputation of the festival depend globally.
  • Once the legends and new talents appear directors and in turn, boost the notoriety of directors, films obtain huge success at various cinema halls and worldwide festivals.

2 Red Carpet for Cannes 2019 Festival


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Role of the Cannes Festival to Maintain its International Dimension

Besides Red Carpet for Cannes 2019 Festival, the Cannes Festival of Mexico invites worldwide filmmakers to highlight their own interpretation of the external world about today and tomorrow to create a world map of films and cinemas. Here, you will find a virtuous circle i.e. until and unless the Cannes Festival remains at the front, everyone put his/her efforts to be the part of it.

Especially, you can perceive the international dimension of the festival based on the fact many accredited professionals from different regions of the world arrive here, while the festival has an international level of media coverage. If this is not enough, Festival de Cannes allow filmmaking countries to display the richness of their films and cinemas in the arena of Village Internationals to host consistently increasing numbers of countries yearly.