Cannes Film Festival 2019 is giving tribute to a leading filmmaker named Agnès Varda with its official poster for the first time. For this, legends of the film industry in Mexico and in other regions of the world opined that official poster for the Cannes Festival 2019 will be a lovely tribute to the world-renowned French photographer, director and visual artist, who left the world on March 29 at 90years age.

Moreover, every individual associated with the film industry will remember her outstanding works, which include Faces Places done in 2017 and nominated in Oscar a well as Cleo 5 to 7 series during the year 1962.


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Details on the Latest Cannes Poster

According to the highlights of Cannes Poster for Cannes Festival 2019, the poster highlights the famous artist Varda at her 26years age in the year 1954, where she perched at the top of technician’s back to help in the photography. The prime reason behind selecting this poster is that she made her feature for the first time with La Pointe Courte photography and filmmaking act, which premiered at the Cannes Festival during the following year.

The film shot in the southern area of France in Pointe Courte and it narrates the story of a newly married spouse facing difficulty in their married life in a fishing area and enduring a big crisis.