Maybe you have work on a Monday that requires you to wear a lot of makeup. Or perhaps you have an interview, and you want to look your best. The right amount of makeup can pump up your self-confidence and give you that much-needed boost to deliver your best. The key here is to find a professional look yet enhance your natural beauty. Your aim should be to balance sticking to the office dress code and looking presentable and well-groomed.

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With so many options available today, it can be overwhelming to pick the right look for work, but we’ve got your back! Here are some easy ways you can do your makeup for the office.

Essential Tips before Applying Makeup:

  • Before starting with the makeup, apply a primer to your face. This creates a smooth base for makeup application. Wait for 5 minutes before you begin using the foundation.
  • Use a lightweight foundation that gives medium coverage and blends easily into the skin. Liquid foundations work well in offices as they are easy to use and do not give a cakey effect like powder foundations do.
  • Your concealer should be 2 shades lighter than your foundation. First, dab some on the dark spots and then blend it properly with a brush or your finger so that it doesn’t stand out. Apply some concealer under your eyes using a small brush to cover any dark circles.
  • You can contour your face using a bronzer or blush to look healthy and flush with color. Apply some blush on your cheeks and bronzer on the center of your forehead, chin and nose and blend it well with the rest of the makeup.
  • Go for soft colored eye shadows like pink, brown or mauve and apply them evenly on your eyelids. Use eyeliner in soft colors like brown or gray to define your eyes. You can also apply some mascara if you want to look dramatic but do not use false lashes as they look too flashy for an office environment.
  • Set your makeup with loose powder to stay in place for hours together.
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What to Choose?

Choose one feature to highlight. If you have lovely eyes, play them up with mascara and eyeliner. If you want to draw attention to your lips, use a neutral eye shadow and line your lips with a dark lip liner.

Keep colors neutral. Skin tones vary greatly, but most people look best in colors that are flattering to their skin tone, not necessarily what’s trendy. If a color doesn’t look good on your skin tone, don’t wear it—no matter how popular it is.

Buy the right brushes and tools. It’s essential to have a good foundation brush or makeup sponge because they make the application much easier and more precise than using your fingers or a washcloth (unless you’re removing makeup).


When in doubt, keep it simple. When applying makeup for the first time or if you’re unsure of what colors will look best on you, keep colors neutral and simple. A slight blush, lip gloss, and mascara will go a long way toward making you look polished and professional without being too dramatic or distracting.