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Tell me if this scenario seems relatable: You have a huge event coming up, you cleanse your face with powerful, organic products, you use an exfoliating mask for even tone to reduce skin discoloration, you buy high-end makeup to look dazzling and you think all is well till you see the event photos. You look like nothing like the dazzling diva you hoped to be. Sigh.

So if the above scenario is relatable to you, you might find the tips we have for you to be very useful:

Never Skip the Primer

So many women question why we need all these expensive primers, but there is a very good reason as to why they are so important. Primers are very important for filling in the imperfections in our skin and making it look smooth. Try taking selfies with and without a primer on your face and see how the camera glaringly defines every open pore and wrinkle.

The Foundation and Concealer Must be Harmonious

Make sure that the concealer and foundation have a similar shade and blend in with each other seamlessly. For this, it is best that you apply the foundation with a stippling foundation brush and not with your fingers. This is because uneven coloration on the skin is also captured easily by a camera.

Mattify Your Skin to Kill the Shine

Invest in a really good translucent powder to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. A good translucent powder is great for killing that awful shine you see so often on a camera and it also absorbs the excess oil and sweat that makes your makeup runny.

A bad translucent powder can make you look more aged and actually make your skin look more powdery and fake.

Define the Structure of Your Face

This is probably the most important step. Look up contour maps that suit the shape of your skin and apply the contour shade, highlight and blush according to that. Never skip the contouring if you want great photos.

Add Depth to Your eyes

Try to make your eyes look symmetrical with the use of good eyeliner. White eyeliner on your lower lash line gives the illusion of bigger, more soulful eyes.

Use a neutral shade on your eyelid then smoke it out with a darker shade. Remember to always highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

Sharpen Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are essential in defining the structure and shape of your face. Try to not overfill them because that makes them look fake, but keep them slightly wispy and natural. Remember to use concealer on the edges of your eyebrows for a very neat and sharp look.

Line Your Lips

Your lipstick needs to be within the lines of your lips. This is why you need to line your lips first. Bad lipstick is greatly pronounced by the camera! Use a concealer to hide any lipstick marks that went astray.

Use all these tips before a big event and you are sure to look absolutely bomb in the photos!

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