As human beings, it’s our natural instinct to put our best foot forward and using makeup can assist us tremendously in this case. We know just how important it can be to correctly apply the various makeup products we use. If you miss this part, you’ll end up with harsh lines, cakey makeup, and whatnot. In the same way, if you buy the wrong product shade or formula, the results can be equally disastrous. Breakouts, irritated skin, and unnatural skin tone are just a few other issues that you’ll have to face.

But, you don’t need to worry anymore. We’ve compiled a list of the top tips that can help you get flawless makeup every time you step out of the house. Here’s to the best version of you!

Makeup Tip No. 1: Get a Foundation Shade that Matches Your Skin Tone

You must have already heard about this tip a lot of times. But, it is such an integral part of any makeup routine that it just cannot be emphasized enough.

With the help of a foundation, you can cover your blemishes, bruises, and dark spots helping you get an even complexion. However, if you get the wrong foundation shade, things not going as planned will be a very subtle way of putting it.

Whenever you’re buying your foundation, take care to match your undertone in addition to your skin tone. Do not rush to buy any product. Only when you are a hundred percent sure, should you add it to your cart.

Makeup Tip No. 2: Don’t Forget the Moisturizer

The only way to get a glowing and dewy-looking face is by hydrating your skin before you apply any makeup product to it. After you clean your face, slather on some moisturizer on your face to make it look hydrated. Apply the primer after about 15 to 20 minutes to let the product absorb into your skin. Don’t forget to buy a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

Makeup Tip No. 3: Invest in High-quality Eye Makeup

It is said that your eyes are the mirror to your soul. Well, if that’s the case, we have to make sure to make it look as appealing as we can.

The best part about eye makeup is the flexibility; you get to play around with colors and styles to express yourself better. There are a bunch of products that you need to add to your makeup vanity as soon as you can. Some of these include eyeshadow, eyeliner pencil, mascara, and, of course, an eyelid primer. A combination of all these products will help you accentuate your eyes, making you look stunning.

Makeup Tip No. 4: Understand the Art of Color Correcting Your Face

While it is not desirable, it’s quite normal to have uneven complexion or dark spots. A quick way to fix it is by applying color correcting concealers. When you color correct, use concealer shades that are on the opposite side of the color spectrum. For example, if you want to neutralize your dark circles that has bluish undertones, you need an orange or red concealer. Similarly, for any redness, green concealers would work best.

Makeup Tip No. 5: Sealing Your Makeup with a Setting Powder

Makeup is an art that takes the investment of both your time and effort. After you’ve put in so much hard work, wouldn’t you want it to last? Using a primer can work wonders to make your makeup last longer. But, if you use a setting powder to set your makeup at the end, you’d never have to worry about any smudging or fading throughout the day.

Makeup Tip No. 6: Make Contouring Your BFF

Contouring is a great makeup technique that can be used to manipulate your face enhancing your best features. When you buy a contour palette, pay attention to the shade that you’re choosing. For contouring, it’s better to use a product that is only two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Another tip that we would like to add here is to draw lines on your face according to your face shape. Every face shape is unique in its own way, so you can’t really use the same technique that you may have randomly seen on a YouTube makeup video. The idea is to bring out your best features and take attention away from the not-so-flattering ones.

Makeup Tip No. 7: Use the Highlighter Cleverly for that Glowy Look

Highlighters are the most fun makeup product to play around with. And since, a lot of us want that fresh, sunkissed glow, knowing the correct way to apply the highlighter can go a long way.

This glittery product should be used on the high points of your face that includes your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, chin, forehead, the inner corner of your eyes, and your brow bone. Notice how these are also the places where the sunlight hits as well.

Makeup Tip No. 8: Blending the Makeup Well

Just like finding the correct foundation shade, blending the makeup is another important step that needs to be paid careful attention to. Failure to do so will make your look quite jarring which is definitely not what you want.

You can use a beauty blender or any makeup brush to smoothen out any harsh lines giving you that flawless finish.

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