Have you ever filled up your tank, only to drive down the road and see a gas station boasting much cheaper prices? I am the worst when it comes to driving around on a close to empty tank, checking out prices before committing to a pump. I like to bargain shop with everything from groceries to clothing to housing, you just have to do some digging, and you’re sure to find a deal. So, when I came across this linked article below about apps that could help you find the cheapest gas stations, I was interested.

Apps to Find Cheap Gas Stations

Check out the link to some apps that can help you find the cheapest gas around, but keep reading on to learn the tips and tricks I came up with in my search.

Around Your Hometown

Chances are if you’re driving around your home city, you know where at least a handful of gas stations are. I know at least 5 near my neighborhood, but they tend to fluctuate their gas prices, in competition with each other, and the cheapest one can vary from day to day. So, instead of driving around to each gas station to compare their prices before filling up, I can simply check on an app that has updated prices on it. No one has time to drive around, with a low gas tank, and window shop gas prices. It’s much easier to download an app that gives you the prices of all the gas stations in a certain mile range so you can fill up and get on with your day.

On a Roadtrip

Now if you’re on a road trip, finding a gas station can be a little harder furthermore, finding cheap gas could be a bit time-consuming. Getting off the highway and driving down roads of a town you are unfamiliar with looking at gas prices can eat away at the hours spent on the road. So, if you want to get to your destination in good time, download an app that can give you the location of a gas station, as well as prices per gallon. Another good resource to look out for in a gas finder app is the ability to also locate other important resources like ATMs, nearest coffee shop, and much more. You might also want to consider getting an app that you can download the map so that even if you find yourself offline, you can still get directions to gas stations and see what the stopover town has to offer.

Lost & On E

If you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of being a bit lost, and running dangerously low on gas, an app found in the linked article above can come in really handy. There’s nothing more stressful than being lost, and add the extra stress of potentially being stranded with an empty gas tank does not make the situation any better. Therefore, having apps that can work offline, or can pinpoint your car location to friends would come in useful. Some of these apps can also feature traffic alerts, which is crucial to know if you need to get to a gas pump as soon as possible. Surely, there are some good app options to help you get out of the lost and empty tank situation so you don’t have to do the dreaded walk to the station with a gas can.

In Conclusion

Whether your bargain pricing around your home town or out on the road looking for somewhere to fill up, you can find an app that will easily guide you to cheap gas locations. In addition, if you find yourself lost and in dire need of filling up, apps can help you get to the nearest station and figure out where you are. No more crumpled paper road maps to try and navigate to a station that may or may not exist anymore, updated apps can help you find your way a lot easier and with better accuracy.