With the lockdown in place for an extended period, you have the perfect opportunity to give a makeover to your house. Although there is a restriction on moving out, converting your balcony into an additional living space is possible with a few things that you already have. The methods described below give you an excellent way to give your balcony an aesthetic appeal on a budget.

Green plants

The addition of green plants to your balcony add beauty to the area. Of course, you have several options to choose from, but you may not maintain them all. Therefore, select plantations that are easy to handle. The greens have the power to drive the claustrophobic effect of being at home always. If you can spend some time decorating the balcony, you will feel cozy after completion.

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Comfortable chairs

Apart from plants alone, adding comfortable chairs is a must to give your balcony an aesthetic appeal. As you are on a budget, hunt for cozy chairs within your budget that offer excellent comfort. For example, the beanbag is a perfect addition. You can further choose the folding chairs that occupy less space during storage. The notable profit is that you can use them at different house locations and whenever you need them.

Working on aesthetics

Now that you have plants and the chairs at their position, it all comes down to aesthetics. Start arranging the plants in the way you like. If you placed a bookshelf, begin organizing your favorite books that you like to read by relaxing in between the greens. You can also choose weather-resistant arts and hanging plants for additional beautification.


Oh yes, having a recliner in the balcony between plants is a great way to lose stress and enter a different feeling. You can either soak in the sun while reading a book or listen to music in the evenings while having a coffee, the choice is yours.

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Outdoor rugs

Spending down on the concrete is not an option with all the things placed in their respective positions. You can give your balcony an aesthetic appeal by using outdoor rugs. It not only delivers a comfortable space for seating but creates a homely ambiance in the balcony. The vibrant colors create a fantastic match with the greens. Choose the right size that fits the area or a smaller one sufficient to cover the seating space.


Lighting is vital in the balcony like that of any other space in your house. Rather than fixed lighting, choose a string, rice, and hanging light. They are all cheap and give a welcoming feeling into the balcony. You will spend a wonderful evening with your loved ones in the balcony with the lights on and indulging in a delightful conversation.

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Adding pillows

Adding pillows is a must if you like to have a homely feeling to your balcony. With the recliner or seating arrangement in its place, you can now end up with some of the intriguing colorful pillows. You can change them whenever you need them, as they are inexpensive.


Add candles as the last addition to make your balcony a romantic place to spend time with the person you love. Hanging candles are safe and perfect for the required ambiance.