A home office is an important part of your house, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or even work a business from home. It is where stuff gets done. It is where you become a millionaire and where you stare for hours on end into a computer screen. So you need to make sure your home office is the most comfy and natural place on earth to work.

For a long time I worked out of my bedroom. I couldn’t afford a place with a spare room that I could convert into an office so I setup a desk opposite my bed and began making a living from my own bedroom. It was great at first- I felt like a real entrepreneur who was starting out from nothing. The issues came later- after a year or two of doing this, my motivation and sense of relaxation started to dip. And it was because I was associating work with going to bed and vice versa. This was a problem for a number of reasons:,/

  • I wasn’t sleeping properly
  • My motivation meant my creativity in my work suffered
  • Work began feeling like a dead-end job, not the imaginative, exciting place it normally was
  • My social life was affected because I just didn’t enjoy working anymore

So when I got the opportunity to get my own place, I made sure it had a small room that I could use as a home office.

Here are some tips that I recommend for anyway else who is thinking of having their own home office:

Get A Blanket

You might associate a blanket with something you snuggle up in to watch a film on a late night- which is fine. But I also recommend getting one for your home office. When it gets cold, a wool blanket will help keep you cozy and fight off the dreaded coldness that will make you want to climb straight back into bed.

They are very cheap to get and come in lots of shapes and sizes. You can either buy a blanket that you can wear these days! When you’re not using one, you can use them as house decorations to brighten up the place a bit.

Office Plants

I’m a big believer in getting office plants for your work office. Not only do they make the place feel more natural, but they also can improve your mood and relaxation. There are many studies showcasing how plants can benefit your life, and if you’re stuck in a stuffy room all day, it can only do you good to have some natural plants to help spruce things up.

Plants don’t have to be a chore either. Normally an office plant only needs watering once or twice a week and they last for years. They can make a room that’s dull and full of computer equipment look natural and welcoming. A big part of visualizing work is how a room looks and feels, and office plants definitely go a long way to making that happen.