Medical Spa or Med Spa is a rapidly growing area of medicine where health meets beauty. Med spas offer premium skin care treatments in a welcoming and relaxing environment. Different med spas offer a variety of aesthetic procedures guided or performed by certified medical doctors. The main idea of a med spa is for cosmetic treatment using state-of-the-art equipment in a luxurious spa-like environment. If you want to experience top quality skin treatment, Dermani MedSpa offers laser technology treatments done by medical professionals trained to operate these cosmetic lasers. Each med spa has its own special treatment or

cosmetic treatment technology to, so it is better to browse sites first to know the expertise that you need. Read on for the top 5 services a med spa can offer you.

  1.  Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted body hair can be quite irritating. You have to think of your outfit properly to hide these unwanted body hairs or suffer the excruciatingly painful waxing procedure or shaving using a razor leaving behind rough skin with stubbles. Med spas can offer you a more relaxing option to remove unwanted hairs utilizing a laser. This technology uses a beam of light concentrated on the area you wish that the hairs would be removed from, simply by stopping the growth of the hair follicles. The process is non-irritating and promises long-term results. You can now enjoy any outfit that you want without being bothered by unwanted hairs.

  1.  Coolsculpting

Are you diligent in your exercise and proper diet, yet fats are still stubbornly clinging to your body? Coolsculpting is probably the answer to your prayers. Stubborn fats can now be eliminated without the need for surgery. Coolsculpting is done by crystallizing the unwanted fat cells which then die and eventually eliminated by the body naturally through time. Coolsculpting is recommended only for removal of stubborn fats in problem areas of the body such as the abdomen or upper arms and is not considered a solution to weight loss. The procedure is comfortable and has no downtime that you can take a nap or check your emails while having the treatment done.

  1.  Cosmetic Injectables

No one can stop the aging process. As people age, the skin is the first one to get the brunt. The skin’s youthfulness can still be maintained even if aging cannot be stopped. The technology that the cosmetic injectables offer is one that is not as invasive as the surgical procedures. The result is also a more relaxed and natural look. Cosmetic injectable is minimally invasive as it involves the injection of a product under the skin to remove the age lines mostly found on the forehead and borders of the eyes and mouth. Botox is among the most well-known aesthetic treatments for wrinkles offered by med spas.

  1.  Skin Rejuvenation

There are many factors aside from natural aging which can affect skin appearance. Exposure to the sun and other elements such as dust, dirt, and chemicals can damage the skin. Med spas have skin care treatments which can bring back the youthfulness to your skin. Some procedures for skin rejuvenation use modern technology such as lasers to tighten skin and can also use natural ingredients for chemical peeling to remove damaged skin.

  1.  Body Contouring

If your routine exercise and diet do not achieve the form that you want because of unwanted cellulite and loose skin, you can try body contouring. This procedure makes use of certain states of magnetic fields and radio frequencies that illicit thermal response from the skin making it contract, helping the skin to appear tighter thus reducing the cellulite and loose skin. This is one of the technologies that only med spas can offer to those wanting a better figure when exercise and diet are futile.

Med spas may be the best thing to happen to people who are frustrated with skin issues. The mix of medical expertise with aesthetic treatment by med spas gives confidence and assurance that skin problems, however complex can be treated with a spa-like environment to boot.