We’ve all been there. You walk into your room, look at your closet door, and it suddenly hits you, as if you just remembered something about a meeting on the other side of the world: “Damn! I forgot what I was supposed to wear.”

We spend a lot of time on our appearance and would be lying if we said we aren’t borderline (or totally) superficial. So with that in mind, it’s time to start organizing your closet like the serial shopper you are. Here are three tricks for organizing your wardrobe that can help you spend less time arranging your clothes.

  • Declutter your clothes

Short decluttering sessions work best, especially if your clothes are separated into categories. First, create smaller piles of clothes by category—for example, pants, shirts, sweaters, coats, etc. Then go through each pile individually, one type of item at a time. That way, it’s easier to see what you have and pick out the keepers. Also, grouping clothes by category will be much easier to get rid of whatever you don’t want when you see everything together in one place.

  • Clean and Vacuum

Sweep the floor, clean the glass doors, dust the ceiling, wipe down the walls. Then, once you’re satisfied that your closet is as dust-free as it can be, stand back and admire its sparkly shine.

After you’ve removed the bulk of your things, go ahead and put a few finishing touches on your closet. For example, if your shoes lack a common theme, group them by type or color. If there’s a nearby room that could use a little sprucing up, add a mirror or other decorative accent. Soon, your closet will be shining—and you’ll have set yourself up for success the next time you need to get something from there.


  • Hang the delicates

Hanging everything you own is a great way to remove clutter from your closet floor, but if you’re short on space, you have to be strategic about how you arrange the pieces. First, make sure it gets hung on a sturdy hanger, with the hook facing forward. Next, ensure to hang your delicate pieces like dresses and blouses and special occasion items like suits and your one-of-a-kind dresses. There are lots of options out there for special padded or wooden hangers designed to protect delicate items.

  • Stack thick items

You’re probably familiar with the idea of folding and stacking your clothing to save space, but there are some items it just doesn’t work as well with. For example, thick winter wear like thick sweaters and stiff jeans can be challenging, if not impossible, to fold. The best way for stiff jeans and thick sweaters is to keep them flat — even if it means sacrificing hanging space — and then stack them on top of each other. Doing this will give you a vertical storage solution that takes up far less room than keeping these items folded and rolled and stacked and unfolded, and … you get the point.

Organizing can make a big difference in how you feel about your closet. Of course, it’s a good idea to organize your wardrobe as soon as you get it, but you can also make lasting changes by making simple adjustments after a few months of living with the space.