Earlier, shopping for jeans was the easiest thing in the world – there were black jeans, and blue jeans, and there was your size, and the wrong sizes. Today, on the other hand, it’s a whole new story. There are just so many options and choices involved – from color over cuts all the way to finishes, and that is still not all. And if you want to simply buy a ‘normal’ pair of jeans, you will still be driven to confusion.

Luckily for you, there is now this neat thing called the internet, where you can find all the tips about all the subjects ever – including how to buy the perfect pair of jeans. So stay tuned and read them carefully.


Most men simply don’t know what size they are, but knowing your measures is really important, so do it right now. When you put your jeans on, they should slide with ease without you having to struggle to button them. However, if you find yourself in that annoying in-between area of sizes, go with the bigger one and invest in a nice belt, or visit your tailor and the problem is solved.


Another key size factor is the length. Leg sizes are measured from your ankle to your crotch, and are determined by long (L), medium (M) and small (S).

Go with the length that sits right on your ankle, because it will give you a more stylish look. Never go with something too long, because it will seem like you’re wearing a pair of non-purposely baggy jeans, which is not attractive at all.


Fit determines how the jeans will feel and how you’ll look in them, which is all there is about that. There are 4 basic types of fit: slim fit, straight leg fit, classic fit and relaxed fit.

Slim fit mens jeans are not the same as jeggings or skinny jeans, no. Slim fit jeans are those that slightly hug your thighs, knees and calves, while being looser around the ankles. They look sharp, clean and crisp, and everyone should firstly consider this fit.

Straight leg fits are a little bit more ‘forgiving’ than the previous ones, since their overall cut is more or less the same, but they feel looser in the knees and calves.

Classic fit is for guys who want their thighs to breathe a little bit, however, have in mind that the loose fit below the knees will result in flare or even bell bottom effect. Go with length with an inch and a half break that is going to maximize bunching of any extra denim.

The roomiest of them all, there is a relaxed fit. It has the fuller leg and seat, but that doesn’t mean they should be low like those on the mid 90s rap scene. In order to make them look their best, your relaxed fit jeans should sit just below your waist and right above your hips.


Details are features that make a difference between a good pair of jeans and great pair of jeans. There is the closure, the pocket, and the stitching.

When it comes to closure, instead of an annoying button fly, go with the ones with a good zipper, since they are much easier to live with.

The most stylish back pockets are the ones with just a hint of branding, since they are a lot less fussy and look much cleaner.

When it comes to stitching, you have two options – blue thread that is indistinguishable from the jeans color, or classic, contrasting golden yellow. The choice is up to you and your personal preferences.


The wash is the way your jeans are bleached, rinsed, and overall treated during their production, and here you have 4 options: classic wash, vintage wash, dark rinse and raw (dry).

Classic wash is for those who are fans of medium-blue jeans. These jeans are for casual occasions.

Vintage wash jeans have that “unchangeable” feel and look because they have gone through minimal rinsing and light sanding on knees, seams and thighs.

Dark rinse is raw’s softer brother – since they ensure the same look, but in a much softer way.

Finally, raw denim is the denim in its ‘virginal’ state – untreated, unwashed and rigid to the touch – these jeans are indestructible and once they are broken in, they can only have one owner. Two, if the owner has an identical twin.

So, that would be it. As long as you know your size and your taste, you’ll have no trouble finding the right jeans for you.