Cryptocurrency is the buzz word across the internet. Although many do not consider it as a wise choice for investment, those who invested in it have an excellent option to purchase all those labeled fashion products than selling the cryptos. At the time of this post, a single Bitcoin is trading at $11,680. Though there is a sluggish market this week, and the rates are falling, people who invested heavily in cryptocurrency have the best alternative – purchase the most7 fashion-centric things you can buy from Bitcoin.

The following the best fashion-centric things you can buy from Bitcoin:

3 Fresh Trench Coats

Get a Calvin Klein, Burberry, and Ellery nine-to-five trench coat that cost $3,500, $2,700, and $3,000 respectively. They have the quality, charm, and are fascinating.


6 sets of handbags

Do not be fooled when we say handbags. They are not ordinary and come with price tags that no one could believe or find the reason for such hefty prices. Still, you get to own one and boast about the same!

  1. JW Anderson medium pierce bag – $1,870
  2. Balenciaga Bazar XS Tokyo tote – $1,750
  3. Fendi logo embossed leather bag – $1,710
  4. Prada comic print frame bag – $2,390
  5. Calvin Klein haircalf saddlebag – $2,790
  6. Gucci Supreme shoulder bag – $98

     fashion-centric things you can buy from Bitcoin

    10 pairs of Saint Laurent Statement Sunglasses

What more you could ask for – the best of the statement glasses from Saint Laurent at $1,049.

fashion-centric things you can buy from Bitcoin

12 pairs of designer denim

12 pairs of designer denim are a lot for single Bitcoin, as you can change them often and use it for an extended period. You can even create your fashion statement by changing the tops.

  1. Unravel inside-out jeans – $625
  2. Off-White straight jeans – $585
  3. Vetements reworked skinny jeans – $1,460
  4. Y/Project denim jeans with lace-up chains – $702
  5. fashion-centric things you can buy from Bitcoin
  6. 28 Logofied belts

If belts are the things for you, then you have the opportunity to obtain 28 of them with each belt containing a logo of the all the famous brands in the fashion industry. Wear them with anything and show that you do follow the fashion and capable of creating own statement.

  1. Gucci leather belt double-G – $450
  2. Helmut Lang Lang nameplate belt – $345
  3. Miu Miu logo plaque belt – $342
  4. Prada logo belt – $460
  5. fashion-centric things you can buy from Bitcoin

    16 pairs of Dad sneakers

Get the best out of the sneakers with a single Bitcoin. Yes, go for the branded pairs of sneakers and look fashionable at all times. You would want to add them to your list and shoe rack collection.Stella McCartney Eclypse sneakers – $640

  1. Yeezy Wave Runner sneakers – $780
  2. Gucci Rhyton leather sneakers – $740
  3. Prada bubble-soled sneakers – $672
  4. Balenciaga Triple S leather and mesh sneakers – $850
  5. Alexander McQueen leather sole sneakers – $590
  6. Tod’s sporty leather sneakers – $645
  7. Acne Studios Joriko sneakers – $410
  8. fashion-centric things you can buy from Bitcoin

    58 bright Balenciaga scrunchies

Get the best of hair tie and lambskin bracelet available in Chouchou texture.Hair tie – $195

  1. Hair tie – $195


  1. Bracelet – $195