The look and atmosphere of weddings these days seem to follow some well-worn template. This is the reason why most couples dream of having a wedding that is uniquely their own. The way you use your wedding’s floral elements is one way of making your wedding stand out and even spectacularly unique. Taking Floral Design Classes Online will help you take charge of this aspect of your wedding. So, what are the things that you to do to make your wedding spectacular? Here are simple tweaks to three important wedding elements to make yours stand out from the rest.

Color Palette

Soon-to-be wed couples often visualize their wedding in a specific color or set of colors. However, some of them end up being less than satisfied at how the color palette of their wedding turned out. The main reasons for this include under-planning and over-thinking the color palette during the planning stages of their wedding.

Your color palette is perhaps one of the most important factors in dictating the overall look of your wedding. If you made the mistake of under-thinking it, your wedding may end up looking disjointed with an assortment of shades despite using only one primary hue. Textures also affect how light bounces off a surface, which can also throw off the visual elements of your wedding.

Overthinking your color palette, on the other hand, might also lead you to make the same mistakes and then some. You also may end up overwhelming your venue with your color theme or confuse it with an explosion of colors if you go overboard.

Decide on as few colors as possible when planning your color palette. One primary color is ideal, and you may add one or two more to complement it because complement is the operative word here. Keep in mind that colors come in varying shades, so you should likewise plan how to use the different shades for contrast and for adding visual depth. Don’t forget to plan your colors according to your venue, especially if it is an outdoor ceremony or reception. Visualize how your color matches up against your backdrop like a rooftop cityscape, a garden or even a desertscape.

Floral Designs

Floral Wedding

You probably think that your flowers should be in the same shade as your color palette, right? Unless you are a professional wedding planner or floral designer, you know that this isn’t always necessary. Once you have decided on your color palette, it should make it a bit easier for you to choose your flowers. However, it will be best to consult with a professional floral designer when selecting the flowers for your wedding.

Floral designers have been trained to match your florals with both your color theme and venue. If your wedding planner also has a motif planned for your wedding, the expertise of a floral designer becomes even more important. Collect and collate as many floral design inspirations that appeals to you prior to talking to a floral designer. Once you have done so, you and your floral designer can start working together to create your florals designs from your inspirations.

Execution of the Plan

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With the color and visual elements of your wedding already in place, the only thing left to do is to execute. Practice and mock executions are keys to making sure that your visuals turn out just the way you planned them. For example, you can check how your fabrics look against the backdrop of your venue, or you can try out various methods of arranging and securing your floral elements. Take pictures of your fabrics and floral arrangements to gain insight on how your wedding will look in your photos.

Other elements can make your wedding unique and spectacular. However, paying closer attention to the three aspects above and making simple tweaks will make the task easier for you.