Massage is one of the oldest techniques for promoting health and well being. It makes up a combination of repetitive movements applied to various parts of the body. Currently there are several massage methods with differentiated functions that provide a simple relaxation or cure of a disease. BLISS ON BLISS helps you with various massage techniques and it is the best place to experience the perfect massage.

Its great benefits range from improving sleep and humor until there is treating constipation and assisting in the treatment of cancer, which makes it part of alternative medicine. On the other hand, some people practice it as a way to prevent injury, aging and stress. Due to its numerous advantages it is easily offered in cosmetic clinics, companies, hotels, hospitals and airports.

Increases immunity

Did you know that massages can boost your immune system? This happens due to the increase of white blood cells, responsible for the protection of diseases. By increasing blood circulation, it promotes the proper functioning of the organs in general.
We can still say that the relaxation experienced after a session fights stress, one of the main villains of health.

Treat depression

Known as the evil of the century, depression is recognized as a physical disease, a result of the lack of neurotransmitters and the hormones of happiness. So healing is based on meeting that need. In this case, massage is indicated as a form of therapy or complementary treatment.

Help in the treatment of cancer

It seems a lie but it is proven that massage helps in the treatment of the symptoms generated by the cancer.

Relief of anxiety and stress

Who never wanted a massage after a tiring day ?! The main explanation lies in the fact that relaxing and repetitive movements remove tension from the nerves, making the whole body more flexible. There is also a sense of well-being as the brain releases more endorphins and lessens the hormones of bad mood.
What makes massage so different is that it can be done daily on people of any age, including children.

Treats insomnia

Taking a massage after a long day of work not only decreases tiredness, but causes a deep mental and physical relaxation, which promotes a good night’s sleep.

Reduction of pain

Massage to decrease pain is extremely effective in cases of chronic pain, being indicated by the doctors themselves.
During the session, the masseur focuses on releasing pain points, lengthens muscles and decreases tensions. This increases circulation on the spot by reducing pain and eliminating toxins.
Post surgery, migraine, lumbar and post workout pains have had excellent results with the use of daily or weekly massage.

Strengthens the urinary and digestive system

Abdominal massage improves the body externally and internally promoting the proper functioning of the body as a whole. In particular, organs of the urinary and digestive systems function properly when they are stimulated.

It improves the functioning of the heart

Massage carries blood throughout the body faster, improving circulation. In addition, the body’s immunity increases and protects it against free radicals. Another benefit is the regularization of blood pressure and heart rate, ideal for those who suffer some kind of dysfunction.

Promotes beauty

More than a health issue massage also promotes beauty. There are massages that use specific techniques for the treatment of posture and aesthetic defects. On the other hand, they confer brightness or tonicity, by increasing the circulation in the place, also prevented the premature aging by stimulating the regeneration of the cells and increases the flexibility.

Help in childbirth

Future moms find in massage, along with breathing techniques, a way to lessen back pain during childbirth. Massage also helps in the postpartum period as mothers get a faster recovery and spend less time in the hospital.

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