The lockdown initiated by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19 opened new parenting issues. With not much to do at home, parents are allowing their children to gain access to mobile phones, computers, and laptops. Over a period, parents started worrying because their little ones started spending too much time with the screens. Learning to limit a child’s screen time during COVID-19 lockdown is essential, as it helps in reducing health problems.

Monitoring Usage 

While gadgets are one of the ways to keep the children busy, they should not be the only one! It is preferable to set rules and ask your children to follow the same. These guidelines help in preventing excess spending of using smartphones, TVs, computer, or a laptop. According to the World Health Organization, one hour of screen time is suitable for kids under the age of five.

As a parent, you must make it a point to monitor the daily use of the screen and the content they watch. Keeping an eye over such things will limit a child’s screen time and set new rules. Likewise, it is essential to teach the children about the side-effects of excessive screen time.

Age-appropriate Tasks

Push your child towards informative and thought-provoking shows and games, which assist in enhancing creative thinking and knowledge. Engage them in household chores. Help them understand the little things that they can do according to their age – washing the vegetables, cleaning the dishes, cleaning their study tables, etc.

Give them tasks that are relevant to their age. It will help them with time management, cleanliness, and discipline. You will instill the development of responsibility in the child, which has a more significant role to play in their life. It will create a diversion from using digital gadgets and help limit a child’s screen time.

Tips to limit a child’s screen time during COVID-19 

Excessive time with gadgets invites health problems such as obesity, fatigue, neck pain, and eye strain. The following tips help parents who are looking at different ways to limit a child’s screen time without making them feel bored or alarming with the sudden change.

  1. Please help them to understand that different ways can keep them busy and learning. Introduce them to new hobbies such as art, music, craft, photography, puzzles, knitting, and others. Participate with them!
  2. Please encourage them to read books. Teach them how reading is beneficial and helps in increasing knowledge.
  3. Get yourself occupied with your child by participating in indoor games such as chess, carroms, and board games. You can search for games that improve cognitive response and decision-making skills.
  4. Compensate outdoor activity sessions, such as games, for indoor activities – dance, exercises, mediation, and yoga.
  5. Children learn what they see. Make sure that you are moving to a technology-free zone. It will help them participate with you and spend family time. Make it a point not to use and ask your children not to use any gadgets during the meals or while spending time with each other.


You can limit a child’s screen time during the COVID-19 with the right approach. What you do and say reflects on children and how they learn. Therefore, make the time you have this hard time to interact in the best ways with your child.