The usual channels of alleviating stress, such as grabbing a coffee or drink with friends, going to the gym or fitness class, are no longer possible during these coronavirus times. It’s no secret that every relationship needs such channels for it to be healthy and strong. While singles are looking for the best dating sites causing them to record a surge in users yearning for human connection, couples seek ways to keep relationship spark.

The uncertainty that COVID has brought from job security, dealing with loss and endless hours of confinement can take a huge toll on even the strongest relationships. And now more than ever, you need to find ways to keep your relationship strong. In this article, we’ll discuss a few tips to keep the emotional and physical connection in your relationship alive and navigate quarantine conflicts. Let’s show you how.

  1. Plan Creative Dates

If you have been a couple for long and used to one date night a week to keep your relationship in balance, COVID has no doubt disrupted that. It’s impossible to make a reservation in your favorite restaurant, dress up, and have that romantic evening under the stars. However, that does not mean you forsake this tradition altogether. You can set up your dining table, light romantic scented candles, get fresh roses, cook your favorite meal, pop open a bottle of wine, and dress up to a lovely dinner date.

Whatever form the date will take, keep each other at the center of the conversation. There will be plenty of time to talk about the virus, your finances, and other issues. That way, you will keep your relationship alive during quarantine when you focus on each other.

  1. Create A Self-care Routine

Self-care routines are important now more than ever. Create a routine that both of you can stick to, such as a structured time for waking up, making the bed, and taking breakfast. Activities such as yoga or workout breaks together are ways you can keep your relationship healthy and you and your partner grounded.

Setting structured working hours to mark clear boundaries when working from home is highly recommended. You may need to be cautious of increased substance use, including alcohol consumption or smoking. Exercising together can be a great way of building a healthy relationship. These acts of self-care will help nourish your relationship even when workout outdoors is limited.

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  1. Understand How You Both Respond to Stress

Everyone reacts to stress differently. For instance, while you may prefer to zone out everything that may trigger stress with the ongoing pandemic, your partner might have a different coping mechanism, such as staying on top of the news to know everything that’s going on. That doesn’t mean that any of these actions are right or wrong. It simply implies that you and your partner have your way of processing stress.

Such vast reactions can be somewhat overwhelming to each other unless you communicate openly about them. Knowing what you both require to get through the situation will help you respect those needs, give each other space, and avoid unnecessary tension without judging the other person.

  1. Be Physical and Don’t Forget Small Love Gestures

Maintaining a healthy and strong relationship requires you to make time for romance and physical intimacy. The good thing is, physical intimacy doesn’t necessarily have to involve sex. You can snuggle on the couch after work hours or hold hands as you take a walk. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to receive an endearing text message from your partner randomly during the day?

Tackling chores that your partner dreads can be one way to show your love. Breakfast in bed occasionally is also a pleasant surprise. These gestures are good ways you can keep a relationship spark with.

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The Takeaway

Whether you want to keep relationships private to a level you can comfortably tell everyone about it, or you have been together for years, you need to have ways of maintaining a healthy relationship during this crisis. These can include planning creative dates, maintaining a healthy routine, and being there for each other emotionally. Physical intimacy and small actions to show your love will keep you happy and fulfilled. Leave a comment and tell us one useful lockdown tip that is working for you.