It’s been said time and again that the bride is the real star of the wedding. Not only are there more rituals and traditions surrounding the bride, but there’s also music specially prepared for her, and it’s her arrival at the ceremony everybody waits for.

However, given the focus directed at brides, many of them still go to great lengths to make sure they stand out fabulously on their big day. If you are such a bride, there are clever ways to do just that; here are six.

1. Opt for a wedding dress or gown that has a different silhouette from those of your bridesmaids.

For a true standout bride, it’s best to choose a wedding dress whose shape and form are different from what everybody, particularly the bridesmaids, is wearing. This is in your total control; after all, it’s your big day.

Say, you want one of those stunning and sexy mermaid wedding gowns to be customized with dramatic details according to your preference, make sure that your bridesmaid dresses do not share the same silhouette. Request that they wear a shorter dress that is more billowy than figure-hugging. This is an easy enough request to make from the ladies who love you.

2. Choose an unexpected color for your wedding dress.

This is the time and age when a lot of brides have no issue breaking wedding traditions. One of the ways unconventional brides are doing this without being offensive is by opting for a wedding gown that’s non-white.

One famous online personality who runs a channel focused on smart finances did this beautifully for her Paris wedding in 2018. For her intimate summer wedding in the City of Love, she requested all her guests to wear white, which is a color that everybody has and is simple to wear. Meanwhile, she opted for a deep blue long dress that complimented her skin tone and natural, red hair.

This smart strategy to stand out is almost effortless to pull off since it’s beneficial for practical guests who don’t want the hassle of elaborate dressing for a wedding. If you want a non-white wedding dress for your big day, do check out Dubai wedding dresses online and see the colorful collections of designers like Isabel Sanchis, Marchesa, and Monique Lhuillier.

3. Take a more practical approach for bridesmaid dresses.

If the bridal entourage comprises women who are close to you, naturally, most of them wouldn’t mind wearing simpler and more practical outfits to let you and your wedding dress shine. It will not affect the sense of style continuity expected from the bridal entourage, nor dim your entourage’s beauty to choose a somewhat casual style of outfit for the bridesmaids.

For example, simple options are a regular slip dress with dainty straps, or a classic white button-down blouse and satin or silk slip skirt. The blouse and skirt combination is particularly easy and breezy, yet it’s incredibly practical and chic and wedding-appropriate.

What’s more, such a bridesmaid’s style ensemble is not a one-time outfit (which a lot of bridesmaids dresses tend to be). You can be sure that your beloved ladies can wear these in the future and truly get a lot of use out of their bridesmaid outfits.

4. Push the envelope with your accessories.

Ask any professional stylist about a trick for fashionably standing out, and for sure, one that they’ll share is accessorizing. Indeed, you can rely on accessories to give your wedding style ensemble the much-needed oomph to stand out.

Take a cue from the editorial yet approachable styling used for Yolancris Bridal, especially if you have a Bohemian personal style. Don’t overlook the fashion statement you can make with hats.

Don’t feel like donning a hat or even a wedding veil? How about decorating your glorious mane with different kinds of bejeweled hairpins? The bottom line here is, there are so many ways to accessorize to provide you with an unforgettable bridal style for your big day.

5. Don’t bring a traditional wedding bouquet.

Take another creative and unconventional approach by not having a traditional wedding bouquet. Instead, choose from the different floral bouquet alternatives available today, such as a wedding flower fan, a small basket of fabric roses adorned with antique brooches and pins, or a bouquet of feathers and chains.

More and more bridal shops are offering these bouquet alternatives, and they are ready to create something totally unique for your big day. Aside from these, wedding stores have also made bouquets with handmade candy, family jewels, succulents, pinecones, and various meaningful trinkets.

Do not be afraid to take a playful route in creating an “alternative” wedding bouquet because it will not take romance away from your overall look. Most assuredly, however, everybody will remember and appreciate this intentional creative deviation for a less predictable wedding style.

6. Walk down the aisle to an unexpected tune.

Although many say that the traditional bridal march music is the perfect tune to walk down the aisle to because of its tempo, no rule says it’s what all brides need to use. Go ahead and choose a different song — perhaps a tune that’s very meaningful to you (and maybe the groom, too.)

So many brides these days opt for more upbeat songs, especially if the venue for the wedding ceremony is not a place of worship and other religious practices. Go as cheesy or cool as you want because it’s your special day.

Do you sing well? If you do, consider turning your march into a theatrical moment by singing as you walk down the aisle. With you singing, there’s no doubt that everybody’s attention will be completely on you.

Remember, not all women can get to be a bride and have that one day to shine. So, if you are blessed with this opportunity, maximize it. Don’t be so cautious and take risks. There’s nothing wrong with going for everything that you want and breaking a few conventions if it will make you happy.