In order to save money, you don’t need to completely alter your lifestyle. In fact, sometimes, just changing a couple of habits might do the trick. The reason why this is so important is that financial issues will not only cause pragmatic difficulties and prevent you from fully realizing your plans, but also make you feel under a lot less stress. Here are several simple methods that you could turn to in order to save more money, without making too much effort.

1.Avoid fast food

A lot of people see dining out as a negative spending habit. However, this is not necessarily as expensive as fast food. You see, a dinner at a restaurant is something you do from time to time, while you may live off burgers, pizzas and hot dogs every single day. Not only is this bad for your health but for your budget as well. By preparing your own meals and packing your own lunch box at home, you could make quite the difference when it comes to your spending habits.

2.Consult online catalogs to make shopping lists

The main argument for impulse buying is the idea that you’ve just seen the item you need on a sale. However, if you do your research before you even go to the store (most stores and supermarkets nowadays have catalogs) and make the list, you can revisit it several times before going on a spree. Look at it this way, you make the list in the evening, let it rest on the table and in the morning, just before you go on a shopping errand, you check it out once again. Now, you can cross any items you don’t really need off the list and make your grocery run more frugal.

3.Insurance is pivotal

The next thing you could do is realize just how important it is for you to count on the expenses you simply can’t foresee. For instance, car damage doesn’t always come from reckless driving or even traffic. A sudden hailstorm can wreck your car even if you’re the most responsible driver/car owner in the world. Fortunately, most shops specializing in car hail damage repair services will work with your insurance company to help you simplify your repair budget needs. This allows you to fix any damage while still staying within the budget.

4.Make an emergency fund

As soon as you have a surplus, you need to make an emergency fund that has the value of, at least, three to nine months of living expenses. This way, if there’s an emergency, you don’t have to apply for a loan that you’ll have to return with interest, later on. Also, sometimes being able to respond to an emergency on a moment’s notice may help you solve this issue much cheaper. Either way, having an emergency fund is an incredibly important idea.

5.Keep track of your spending

The biggest problem of suggesting a way for one to save money is that you don’t really know what they’re spending their money on. In fact, you may even be oblivious on expenses that are the costliest in your case. Sure, you know how much money you’re spending on rent, utilities and transportation, however, do you really know how much money you pay on chocolate, cocktails and cleaning supplies each month? Getting much better insight into this might be a great idea. Needless to say, this can be made a lot easier with the right budgeting app.

The best thing about the above-listed methods lies in the fact that it’s quite easy to make a habit out of them. Sure, relinquishing fast food and taking photos of your receipts is not something that you might be doing at the moment but, after a while, this may become something you’ll start doing without even thinking about it. In other words, the surplus you create this way will feel like making money out of thin air.