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As of now, the fountain of youth has not been discovered, but the fact of the matter is that some people have figured out how to look ‘forever young.’ Genetics are the primary factor in how well a person ages, but the scales can also be leveled by taking preventative action. Simply washing your face in cold water and using gentle, upward, circular motions can help to keep your skin tighter and firmer. If you are dedicated to keeping your skin looking youthful, then you need to differentiate between the facts, the myths, and everything in between in anti-aging skin care.

The Truth About How to Keep Your Skin Looking More Youthful

Yes, people can elect to go under the knife in order to look younger, but that is not the only option available. There are things that people can do to make themselves look younger. First, there is taking care of the body in general. Heading to the gym, keeping your blood pressure down, and your weight in a healthy range will help you to look more youthful. Then there is sun protection. Avoid tanning beds, use sunscreen, and limit your time in the sun, especially at the peak of the day, to really preserve your skin. Additionally, avoiding smoking altogether and instead electing to buy CBD products can help you feel less stressed and physically look better. Since CBD oil is thought to curb anxiety and other stressors, using it regularly may also help to keep your appearance more youthful.

How Stress Impacts Skin

Outside factors like pollution and sun damage have a huge impact on the health and appearance of your skin. Consider how someone who spent years at sea will look compared to someone that spent the majority of their life indoors. At the same time, stress itself is a big enough factor to also change how a person’s skin may look. Studies on stress and its impact on the body and mind reveal that symptoms can manifest in various ways. When you are stressed, you may not sleep well, which can lead to bags under your eyes. There is also the fact that stress can cause hair loss or exacerbate a skin condition such as psoriasis. Generally speaking, leading a low-stress life will help you to look younger and have fewer wrinkles, but it may lead to more smile lines.

What Doesn’t Make Your Skin Age Faster?

Scientists are still trying to figure out what makes people age faster or slower than others, and so far, there have been few absolutes determined. You won’t look older by exercising more. You also won’t age your skin by eating more healthily. Working on your mental health by visiting a counselor, changing your career, or doing anything that will improve your life on an emotional level definitely will not leave you looking any older. Using cold cream nightly might help, but most over-the-counter face creams are simply going to help by hydrating your skin overall. So, find a good skincare routine and only do things that will eliminate stress.

The sun, pollutants, eating unhealthily and failing to exercise are the main things that cause premature aging. By contrast, being safe when you are out in the sun, eating well, and exercising can help you to look decades younger than your listed age. Remember to unwind before you buy a bunch of products designed to keep your skin looking youthful. You will get much more out of taking care of your entire body rather than just targeting your face. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it is the only one that shows how old you are, so take good care of it.