One of the most important aspects of wedding planning is the food and beverages. If you decide to serve various types of wines at your celebration, you should know which types to go for to offer your guests the best food and wine pairings. It’s also very important that you have enough wine for the entire wedding party and to make them enjoy their glass of red, white or bubbly. From knowing which food goes with which wine to matching the season with the beverages, there’s plenty for you to learn about how to choose the right wine for your wedding celebration.

Pair wine with the food

If you’ve been having doubts about your wine expertise, just remember that wines and dishes that carry similar flavours will complement each other. For example, if you’re having chicken as a part of your course(s), then both red and white wines that are on the medium to lighter side will work fabulously with that type of meat. Consider Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. Fish calls for Greek wines or other types of lighter, mineral-y whites to complement the flavour of seafood, such as Sauvignon blanc. Beef will require Cabernet Sauvignon because the notes of dark fruits, such as plums, blackberries and black currant will complement beef deliciously. If pork is going to be on the menu, a bolder white wine such as Riesling will be the perfect match, as well as a white Burgundy. To make sure your guests don’t suffer from a terrible headache the next day, try to choose well-balanced, trustworthy wines that can be paired up with a variety of dishes. Burgundian Chardonnays, for example, have the perfect amount of oak and acidity, which is why they’ll work beautifully as an aperitif or a food-friendly pairing.

Choose according to the season

The type of wine you’ll order for your wedding will slightly depend on the season you chose for your nuptials. Red wine will be a much better option for colder months when the event is hosted indoors. For this occasion, exquisite burgundy wine will be a fabulous choice. If, on the other hand, you’re tying the knot outdoors in the summer, people will be more inclined to drink white, and fizz. In either case, don’t neglect the very few guests who might opt for a different type that you planned for, so be sure to offer both Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio. A refined rosé will be a true delight for everyone’s palate in warm summer days and will bring out the flavour of seafood.

Get your toast wine ready

Sparkling wine for the toast is another type to consider for your wedding bash. To be sure you’re not buying too much but to not risk having empty glasses either, divide your guest count by 8 to count the average amount of wine you’ll need. This way, you’ll roughly know the amount of champagne you want to buy. Approximately, one bottle can suit 8-10 people since the glasses should only be filled halfway. Just in case, buy a few more bottles than you count for, and you can always have the leftover bottles for your honeymoon.

Even with all those calculations and pairings, ultimately you should be the judge of which wine you’ll serve at the wedding. If you’re throwing a small gathering and you know what your close family usually drinks, then there’s no need to splurge on a variety of wines. You can freely budget for one type of white, one type of red and champagne. With other aperitif drinks that some of the uests maybe choose to have throughout the entire party, you’ll be all set for the happiest day of your life.