Are you planning to get married this year and you are looking for ideas to incorporate into your big event? Let this year’s top wedding trends be your guide. Find out what’s popular and inject your take on them to make your wedding truly the event designed to your liking.

Here are the top seven wedding trends of 2019.

1. Earth Hues

A lot of people prefer to just call them autumn hues because of the browns, rust, deep greens, and burgundy, which can offer a spectacular wedding theme. These earth tones create a rich wedding motif that looks good all year round.

These colors are also perfect for outdoor weddings and parties because they blend harmoniously to the color palette of natural surroundings.

2. Intimate Maximalist Style

Some people prefer a more extravagant or flamboyant style. And this year, just because you only have a few guests and a small,  intimate location for the wedding, it does not mean that you have to tone down the theatre of the occasion.

To embrace this trend, choose highly elaborate floral arrangements and dramatic lighting. Also, source fine dinnerware and use plenty of colors and patterns. The idea is to turn the modest venue into a breathtaking and elegant work of art.

3. Airbnb Venues

Airbnb accommodations are growing to be popular choices for weddings. Villas, particularly, offer the convenience of a home and adequate space for both the wedding ceremony and reception party.

Often, these Airbnb venues also possess lovely amenities such as a pool, a playground, and outdoor dining rooms – all of which are ideal for a wedding.

4. Charcuterie and Cheese Boards

These are absolutely perfect for laid-back weddings because guests can help themselves to whatever delicious morsels they wish to eat, as little or as much as they like. Without the need to demonstrate formal dining etiquette, guests are likely to feel more relaxed.

An enticing spread of soft and hard cheeses to complement different kinds of salami, sausages, deli meats, fresh and dried fruits, nuts and seeds, olives, peppers, crackers, breads, marmalades, and sauces is always enticing. Best of all, it can make dining at the wedding a truly social yet cozy experience.

5. Hats Instead of Veils

Reminiscent of a scene in the movie “Parent Trap”, hats may be a top bridal style statement for 2019. In the movie, Elizabeth James (played by Natalie Richardson) insists her daughter Annie (played by Lindsay Lohan) choose a top hat for the editorial bridal shoot of model Vendela Kirsebom. Hats make great wedding headpieces and should be considered as alternatives to veils.

For 2019, a lot of bridal magazines showcase different stylish hats to complete non-traditional wedding attire. There are top hats, floppy felt hats, cowboy hats, fedoras, pillbox hats, and berets to choose from.

6. Colorful Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes no longer have to be dainty colors such as blush, white, cream, and pastels. Now, you can go for jewel tones, rainbow colors, and even pure black. Colorful wedding cakes are on trend, especially those that are decorated with other sweet gourmet desserts such as cupcakes, cookies, cream puffs, and macarons.

No color or color combination is too intense or outrageous for a wedding cake in 2019.

7. Gorgeous Botanicals

There’s no need to stick to purely flowers in decorating your wedding venue. Other botanical items are proving to be gorgeous decorative implements as well. From succulents to crawling vines, ferns, moss, and large palm leaves – all of these can be used to create a refreshingly green atmosphere for the wedding.

Brides can opt for these botanicals instead of all flowers for their bouquet. The result? An equally pleasing, beautiful but unique accessory.

There you have it: seven of the top trends to bring allure, splendor, and fresh creativity to your wedding. If you are interested in incorporating them all to your upcoming “I dos,” be sure to work with a highly experienced wedding planner. Such a professional can lead you to the best sources and ensure the flawless implementation of these leading wedding trends.