With businesses opening shops with the easing of the restrictions, it is time to get into the action while practicing precautions. You will have to face important decisions for all the things that you do in a single day, which also includes heading to a salon. You can avoid COVID-19 infection in salons by following the guidelines released by the government. The important of all is maintaining hygienic conditions and sanitization. If you are planning to head to a salon, the following points are for you:

Obtain an appointment

You can contact your salon and fix an appointment to ensure that you do not have to wait at the store. The step will avoid COVID-19 infection in salons, as there is reduced exposure to the virus and maintains the minimal contact distance required from others. If you have a doubt regarding the precautions followed by the salon, contact the manager immediately, and learn about the procedures followed.

Wearing gloves and mask

Given the nature of the transmission through touch, it is the essential requirement to wear a mask and use a pair of gloves. Such an attempt will help you prevent the spread of the dreadful virus and transmission to those around you in the salon. Wearing goggles is also preferable to avoid transmission through droplets from the eyes. You can ask the attendant to sanitize their hands before and after attending to your job. Practicing precautions in such a manner helps in spreading safety awareness.

Carry your towel

Carrying a towel is a good option. You can ask the attendant to use the one you bought during the job. It helps in reducing transmission. Likewise, you can ask the salon to opt for disposable towels to build a safe working environment.

Washing hands

Before you sit, ask the staff to sanitize the same and ask the attendant to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. You can also wash your hands before you touch anything, provided you are not wearing gloves.

Using disposable products

According to the guidelines, you can avoid COVID-19 infection in salons by using disposable products. Make sure the salon that you like to attend to is using these products. You can contact the salon and ask for the same when you reach them to make an appointment. The products include robes, slippers, gowns, waxing spatulas, and others.

Using fresh packets

If you are opting for facial, manicure, or pedicure services, make sure that the salon is using fresh packets. Avoid using oils, conventional soaps, and creams. As these services involve close contact, following a strict precaution is preferable. In most of the case, avoiding altogether is advisable for the time being.

Taking a bath

Wash your hands before leaving the salon and rush to the bathroom as soon as you reach your house. Soak the dress in soap water or wash the same. Indulge in a complete bath, including hair wash. After completing, wear a pair of gloves, use a sanitizer to clean the footwear that you wore before bringing them inside the house.

You can avoid COVID-19 infection in salons by following the precautions discussed above. Make it a point not to visit salons frequently. Remember, it is important to be safe than to be sorry at a later stage.