Shaving for men is one of the most significant grooming activities. It is a calculated maneuver with a considerably large responsibility. Especially since the effects of shaving appear on your face, it is one of the first things people notice about you. You need to be cautious about the shaving decisions you make because you will have to live with them and bear them on your face for quite a long period of time. This article will focus on giving you the main 5 tips that will help you in getting a perfect shave every time.

However, no matter how much effort you put into your shaving routine, if you have the cheap quality razors the effects will always be more limited. Top quality razors have been designed to perfection and engineered to help people get that perfect shape. Consider purchasing razors from renowned brands such as the Bearded Colonel. Remember “A man is only as good as his tools” so find a high-quality razor and consider the tips mentioned below.

Say No to Dry Shaves

Shaving on dry skin is a very unpleasant practice. It not only increases the chances of cuts and irritations but also seems to be very uncomfortable experience. Dry shave is not even effective as the beard is not roughly cut. Whether you are shaving at home or have gone to a barber, always remember to moisturize your skin beforehand. You can do this by using a moisturizer of your choice or you can take a shower and shave in the end to make sure your skin has all the moisture and is softened for the shave. This ensures a smooth shave with very little cuts or scratches.

Keep your Skin Clean

Not exfoliating before shaving is one of the most common causes of rashes, ingrown hairs and skin related conditions. This also results in razor bumps which is not a very desirable situation to be in. Uneven skin turns the hair from one hair follicle to the other, resulting in razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

Choose an exfoliator that is mild and gentle. Use it before shaving for a better-looking and better-feeling skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should exfoliate at night before shaving so the skin doesn’t get irritated.

Go with the Flow

Sometimes, you end up shaving in the wrong direction, subconsciously. When this happens, the hair that is cut is not shaved properly and increases the chances of ingrown hair or razor burns. After a couple of days of shaving, you should check the direction of hair growth by running your hand along the skin. Once you have determined where your hair grows, shave in the same direction and enjoy a smoother experience. Going in the direction of hair growth ensures less ingrown hair as well.

Be Slow and Light

While you are shaving, it is likely that you tend to be fast and hard on your skin. You try to make the shave a fast ritual and get to the actual getting ready part and you press the razor hard on your skin because you think it will reap better results. Both of these approaches are wrong. You need to make sure that the movement of your hair is slow so that every hair gets its time to be shaved and lightly to avoid any razor burns or irritation.

Remain Hygienic

Hygiene should be your first and foremost preference, especially when the matter is about your skin. It is typical of razors to get dirty because they are taking off, not only the hair but also other impurities from your skin’s surface. You should wash your razors regularly and thoroughly to make sure that the waste is not left in it. When you notice that the razor is not being cleaned with water, it is time to change the blade or razor. Changing razor blades regularly is a healthy habit. If you do not do this, your skin will be exposed to bacterial and fungal growth.

In a nutshell, shaving should be done very intently because skin is not something to be compromised on. If you follow the aforementioned tips and tricks for your shaving, you will definitely have better results and your skin will be thanking you afterwards.