Not only women struggle with shoe shopping; men also have a fair share of difficulties and confusion when it comes to buying shoes. Some men find it hard to choose the boots that they really want, especially if they have many options in mind. If you have the same dilemma, here’s a guide to choosing the perfect pair of men’s boots.

Know What Type of Boots You Need

Before you go to the shop and look for men’s boots, you have to first determine what type of shoes you need. What are you wearing them for? Are you going to wear them at work, for dancing, or for horseback riding? There are many types of boots for men so you have to know the specific type you are looking for. You can choose from men’s casual boots, work boots, hiking boots or many other types of men’s casual boots depending on your needs.

Consider your Foot Shape

When shopping for boots, you have to consider the shape of your feet since men’s boots come in different styles. People have different shapes of legs so you need to adjust the boots into your foot shape. If you have short legs, pick a not-too-high pair of boots so your body will look more proportional when you wear them.

Do Not Focus on the Size Number of Shoes

When buying clothes, shoes and other fashion items, people tend to focus on the size numbers so they find it hard to pick the ones that fit them perfectly. This is why it is important to know your exact measurements and fit the boots yourself. Focus on the length of your soles instead of a specific size number so you will know if the boots fit well or not.

Know the Kind of Toe Point you Want

Some boots can be pointed, squared or rounded so you have to know what kind of toe point you want. Most cowboy boots are pointed or squared while casual boots are normally rounded. By considering your style and the purpose of your boots, you will know what kind of toe point you need.

Check the Quality of the Materials Used

Being an impulsive buyer is likely to give you future problems when shopping for boots. Regardless of your budget, you still need to be cautious when buying stuff. It will help a lot if you will check the quality of the boots you are considering to buy. Assess the quality of the materials used carefully so you will know that the shoes are top grade and durable.

Choose a Pair that Suits your Style

A pair of boots may suit your feet perfectly but if it does not suit your style, this is definitely not the perfect one for you. Men have different taste in fashion so choose the boots with the design and style you like. Your personal preference matters in finding the boots you like so check as many pairs as you want until you find your perfect match.

Pick the Right Color

The color of your boots also matters because it will determine your sense of fashion. Also, you have to pick the right color for the most common clothing staples you wear such as jeans, suits and shirts. The best color choices for men’s boots are black, brown and tan but whatever color you pick, make sure that it aligns with the type of your boots as well as your style and character.

Think about Comfort and Breathability

Just because your shoes fit your feet perfectly doesn’t mean they’re comfortable. You should opt for breathable shoes with soft soles if you are worried about your comfort. It is important that there’s enough air for your feet so they won’t hurt as you walk, run or go hiking.

Choose Something Versatile

Boots can be expensive and if you can’t afford to buy different pairs for different purposes, choose a pair of boots that you can use for many activities such as hiking, horseback riding and skiing. Also, choose something that isn’t just versatile and functional but also trendy and tasteful.

Consider the Price

Whether you have a big or small budget for your boots, it is still important to consider their price. You can opt for branded ones if you want but remember that not all pricy items have excellent quality so make sure to buy affordable yet exceptional and high-quality boots.