Being fashionable in some instances can cause harm to your body, short term or long term. It is never easy to decide what you are going for exactly, and whether looking great is always worth it if it causes long-term problems with your body. Yet women, in particular, though some men too, make this choice all the time – some knowing the repercussions and probably many others, not knowing exactly.

But awareness is key, and Authority Health spells it right out there for you – health risks and health choices.  Moreover, having a friendly reminder checklist here of things to remember when putting together yourself for the day might help you make some different fashion choices some of the time, at least!

Ponytails and Buns

Wearing your hair up in a bun or ponytail can contribute to hair loss by pulling your hair so tightly to cause your hairline to recede. That is probably the last thing on earth we imagine happening when we brush our hair in the morning and tie it up to get it out of our face. Note that there is no issue with hair loss when you wear a low ponytail that is not higher than your ears. The issue is the height of the ponytail and the tightness of it. Headbands are also in this same category, unfortunately.

High Heels

This is a deal breaker for many women who could never imagine giving up high heels. But the damage of wearing 3 or 4-inch heels comes with a toll on your joints, hips, ankles, and hips. There’s no way to spin it other than that wearing heels affects the amount of pressure on your feet and shifts how you hold the rest of your body. This is ultimately a high price for fashion, and damage to your feet in the form of pain can be serious in the form of tendonitis, pinched nerves, and arthritis.

Heavy Bags

The number of pounds we lug around from place to place is great in that fabulous new bag that we’re carrying around on one shoulder – shouldering the contents of our life. The impact of the bag on our shoulders, neck, and back is significant over a many number of years of carrying stuff day after day. Best to consider what you’re actually carrying around and ways to pare down the load, and also distribute the weight onto two shoulders. The old-fashioned backpack is obviously the easiest way to go on this one.

Tight Clothing

The trend is tight for sure. But it’s the difference between tight, and too tight to be dangerous and cause bodily harm. News stories circulate every year about instances of wearing too tight jeans cutting off a person’s circulation; compressing nerves leading to excruciating pain and numbness, and UTIs which result because of the difficulty it takes to get your pants off to get to the bathroom and holding your bladder for way too long. Roomy and comfy may not be fashionable, but there is something to be said about for sure in this instance.

It’s all about choices – every day. Cheers to fashion and long-term health!