One of the greatest things about the fashion industry is there are often old styles coming back into fashion at all times. However, when it comes to bringing an old style back there are some things that you should and should not do. In addition, with new styles there are often things that we wear that are big fashion no-no’s.

With that being said, here are some great life saving fashion dos and don’ts that everyone should know.

Panty Lines

When wearing leggings, do not wear your oldest pair of panties and a shirt that does not cover your behind. Choose underwear that is not going to show through your leggings, such as no show panties or a thong. While you should take pride in your booty, maybe avoid showing everyone exactly where your underwear is.

Bra Straps

While on the topic of undergarments, do not wear a bra with a shirt that does not cover up your bra straps. For example, never wear a regular bra with a funky backless top or a racerback tank top. One exception to this fashion rule is if you have a lacy bra that is pretty and meant to be seen.

Choose a backless bra when wearing a backless shirt or a racerback bra with your tanks. Another option is to purchase one of those devices that will bring your bra straps together.

Brown, Black, and Navy

Dark brown and black should never be worn together. These colors do not go together and look unflattering when worn in the wrong places.

However, combining nude or light tan shoes with a black dress, top, or black and white stripes actually works. A pair of tan shoes can compliment black and white stripes nicely.


Never wear heels that are uncomfortable or too high. Choose heels that are a height that you are comfortable walking in and are comfortable to wear. When you wear heels that are too high, they simply do not look good and do nothing to compliment your outfit.


Stop wearing those jean shorts that stopped fitting you six months ago. There is nothing wrong with simply moving up a size. The same goes with shirts, do not purchase shirts that are simply too small.

Buy clothing that fits your body correctly and makes you look good. Donate those clothes that do not fit or save them to motivate weight loss if so desired.

Low Rise Jeans and Crop Tops

You have a great body and want to show it off, that is great. However, you should not show off your entire stomach to the city. Even though your stomach is flat and looks amazing, it is not the best option for going out.

You can wear low rise jeans or crop tops, but not together. A crop top will look good with a pair of high waisted jeans or shorts. Low rise jeans go with a flowy or longer top.


When it comes to choosing an outfit, red shorts with a red shirt does not look good. It is always best to wear tops and bottoms that contrast. For example, a dark pair of jeans with a lighter colored top. Black on black can be worn, but only if the blacks match exactly.

When it comes down to it, body positivity should always be the main goal of your fashion choices. Choose colors and clothing that compliments your body type. The tips above are really simple things that can be changed in your wardrobe quite easily.