In celebration of Bollywood It girl Priyanka Chopra’s magnificent debut on the Hollywood TV Scene in September with Quantico, a mystery-thriller drama, we bring to you an article of the same genre with unknown twists and myths to be dispelled.

Statement: Priyanka plays an Indian Character

Fact: Not Really, it is regretful but PC in fact does not play an Indian but as a half-Caucasian-half-Indian trainee named Alex Parrish. Probably people had hoped that for once a lead character in Hollywood would be an Indian who could dispel myths about our culture but for now we do not see much of Indianess in her character.

Statement: Quantico is a of the mystery genre

Fact: Almost, it is no Homeland but it revolves around finding the terrorists involved behind a deadly attack and clearing Alex’s name who has been wrongly accused of committing the crime.  Alex Parrish is on her way to Quantico to join the FBI academy where she along with several other candidates are trained to become the next protectors of the USA.

There are some clues given in each episode that someone from the new FBI recruits has a deadly past which is somehow connected to the entire plot.

Statement: PC has quit Bollywood

Fact: No way she hasn’t! But she has been actively balancing Hindi movies and Hollywood at the same time and has been travelling go back and forth from India. While in the USA for Quantico, PC has been promoting Dil Dhadakne Do and shooting for Bajirao Mastani simultaneously. In fact, she had shot one song for Bajirao Mastani in only three days and had flown back right after. Quite the workaholic, PC has been reported to say that she would go wherever her work would take her.

Statement: Quantico will feature a Mc-dreamy-Meredith like romance in the episodes

Fact: It has been said that Jake McLaughlin who had previously starred in JJ Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron’s NBC drama Believe, will be a potential love-interest but Priyanka asks viewers not to count on it as her character puts work above everything else. She says that Alex treats him like any other person in the world who can easily be replaced.

Statement: Quantico has been appreciated by critics and is expected to be on air for a whole season

Fact: That much is true as the current ratings stand at 6.94 million viewers and Quantico has exceeded expectation of the producers and the reviews have been equally good and bad but Priyanka’s performance has been praised by critics with Ellen of Philadelphia Daily news saying, “After its unpromising beginning, the pilot has nary a dull moment, and Chopra alone would be reason enough to watch.”

Hank Stuever of the Washington Post has remarked that Quantico is all sort of dumb, but Quantico also doesn’t mess around…. Chopra brings a sincere, centrifugal force to this swirling story line. You leave the first episode wanting to know what happens next and where this conspiracy leads.

Quantico has now become ABC Network’s newest, highest-rated and most-watched program on Sunday which is only after Once Upon A Time.

Now that we have broken and proved some myths let’s show our love and support to our Desi girl Priyanka Chopra through this exciting journey, and check out Quantico!

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