Knowing your desire can become a journey of a lifetime. Some may find it natural, while others may replace it seasonally. Still, a significant number of people will likely discover their design technique in years, through constant observation of new settings, products, hues, and textures.

Mastering the fundamental design techniques can help you in finding the ideal interior design to satisfy desire, lifestyle, and your home. By recognizing what you like, you can spruce up your home even without the assistance of a professional home designer.

What is Scandinavian Home Design?

If we are going to recall the beginning of Scandinavian design, then it has to be around the 1950s, when democracy was at its peak in particularly in Nordic nations of Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

In answer to costly, hard to acquire pieces, the new design focuses its feature on the idea that simple, modern, beautiful, and functional daily objects should be accessible to everyone, and not merely for the upper class.

The mass production and availability of more budget-friendly materials such as pressed wood, enameled aluminum, and sturdy plastics also helped in empowering the design movement of Scandinavian homes.

The interior design of Scandinavian homes features its simple, minimalist, and functional character. As recognized today, the rooms designed using the Scandinavian style likely highlights white walls to focus on lighting and neutral colors that connect with nature.

The design also highlights natural touches such as stone and wood, and it also minimizes window and carpet treatments while emphasizing on beautifully minimalistic art without a disturbing layout.

If you are going to observe a room with Scandinavian design, you will notice brick walls painted in white and simple wood floors that supplement a rugged texture while boosting the natural light coming through the large windows.

Why is Scandanavian Design So Popular?

The short, cold winter times, along with a passion for comfortable yet bright interiors in the Nordic region, massively influenced the Scandinavian design.

These practical ideas led to a brand-new level of added beauty and an inclination for open-plan spaces, simple styles, and lighter colors. Also, Nordic interiors started to support pale-colored flooring and walls surfaces and areas clear of clutter and decoration.

Instead of serving merely one purpose, for instance, the dining area, which you can only use on occasion, particularly for special events, the open, and flexible spaces provide room for several activities. This effect facilitates the practicality of Scandinavian design.

If you desire in creating a Scandinavian style for your home, but you are not precisely sure how to begin, here is how:

Think Neutral

To employ that typical fun appeal and simple Scandinavian design, adhere to a relatively neutral tone. Think about earthy, neutral, and pale shades that usually connect with nature.

There is a color palette that is ideal with the Scandinavian style. People often mix grays, blacks, browns, and whites to create a neat and calming feeling.

Additionally, designers now introduce new pop colors such as vibrant sea greens and dusty pinks for added accentuation. In standard Scandinavian spaces, the walls are usually white to elevate the charm of the art and furniture.

Pick Light Colors for Flooring

Scandinavian home design does not implement carpeting from wall to wall. Light hardwood floors provide the touches in flooring, either painted in white or either the hardwood is naturally light in color.

Light laminate flooring is an excellent approach to generate a Scandinavian style. The flooring is a vital part of the design because it makes Scandinavian homes seem more spacious and brighter while radiating a more welcoming and inviting ambiance.

Correct Lighting Is Essential

Most Scandinavian homes appreciate the daylight in as limited as around seven hours daily.  Lighting does not only set the atmosphere in a Scandinavian house style because it applies to every home design.

Therefore, the application of correct lighting is critical in a Scandinavian interior plan. Lighting is a form of life, and a Scandinavian design needs to have different designs of lighting to supply enough light in the entire area.

Some designers suggest utilizing modern lighting that has an industrial style such as pendant lamps and wall sconces. Candelabras and candle lights can make a living room of a Scandinavian home feel cozy, warm, and romantic.

Besides, if you have plenty of space available, you can even make a window nook and fill it with sheepskin blankets and cushions, for it creates a perfect moment to enjoy your morning coffee.

Remove the Clutter

One essential component of Scandinavian interior treatment is making sure that space is free from clutter. Therefore, you need to remove the clutter for you to organize the storage spaces smartly.

When planning for a Scandinavian decor, you must remember the “less is more” slogan to keep your living space appear visually cozy and less cluttered.

Clean lines must be evident in the Scandinavian home style, particularly in planning to emphasize the use of furniture. Chairs, tables, sofas, and the rest of the decor must possess a modern finish with smooth edges.

Also, Scandinavian designs are popular for its practical and innovative management of space, so it is quite usual to notice a multi-level wall shelf, particularly in a Scandinavian family room. These creative storage spaces enhance attention to the room.

Keep Everything Simplistic

The decorative emphasis in Scandinavian home design is simplistic. Although it may sound easy to implement, there are some things you need to remember.

Their signature Home Stylish Decor principle is to strip back and have everything simple. So, it is like having the beautifying elements simple, such as having delicate ceramic vases in simple organic shapes.

Incorporate A Warm Touch

A lot of people think minimal when they hear of the Scandinavian home design. However, solely thinking about a minimalistic approach can make a home seem cold without some texture layers.

Think about adding natural textures such as sheepskin throws, thick knit blankets, leather, and natural wood. Also, wooden furniture can be an excellent addition as it can offer an added natural texture like the linen and sheepskin.

The application of this method can add warmth and engagement to the overall appearance. You can place your favorite photographs or paintings on the walls by arranging them using different frames.

Think Extra Layers

With fewer daylight hours, a Scandinavian design will need a lot of warm layers available to bundle up to stay comfortable. Try thinking about natural yet thick materials, but you need to be careful about the pieces that you layer with another.

Add an extra layer carefully. Be mindful not to flood your space with unnecessary items that might leave you without any space to bring a new elegant decoration to incorporate.

Each layer needs to have an aesthetic or practical purpose that does not overwhelm the room. Bear in mind that each layering and embellishment must be in sync with one another.

Keep Window Decor to a Minimum

As lighting is vital and natural light is a precious commodity, particularly in the fall and winter season, the living room must have a more open space, and you can best achieve this by allowing lots of natural light to get in.

To invite and allow more natural light to come in, you must keep the window treatments to a minimum because having a natural atmosphere is an essential factor in a Scandinavian style of home.

If you must use utilize coverings, it is best to pick light fabrics like sheer curtains, for it does not obstruct the light for the Scandinavian decor.

Moreover, the reflection of the lights through your sheer curtains can make utterly help in making your living space seem more romantic at night.

Combine Metal and Wood

Scandinavian home design has always been popular for its excellent utilization of wood in furniture and structures, but modern trends include metal touches such as copper and brass sconces.

Modern Scandinavian style does not only use wood for their flooring because wood is also an excellent embellishment on furniture such as your coffee and dining tables.

Besides, there is a rising trend of applying metallic touches in accent and lighting pieces in Scandinavian home design. Brass and copper pendants, along with sconces, are an efficient way to add radiance to a room.

Form and Function Come Together

When planning to design a room, it will not matter if you are styling it in the Scandinavian way or another liked setup from different countries around the world, the primary element is a balance. One of the dazzling points about Scandinavian design is the ideal incorporation of form and purpose.

A typical living room will often look nice, but it has to possess everything that you need to feel cozy. In the preparation phase, always think about all of the things you want to make your living room work ideally for your hobbies and of course, you.

Include Flowers and Plants

Scandinavians usually like nature outside their homes as it provides a source of inspiration, and this effect is the reason why flowers and plants are so popular. Also, you can gather some shells and pebbles from the nearest beach to add a nature-like atmosphere in your home.

On the other hand, in situations where you don’t live near a beach, you can make use of the acorns and conkers outside to create an elegant seasonal display. You can achieve this by arranging them in a jar made of glass with a simplistic white candle placed at the center.

To Conclude

The Scandinavian home design is indeed ideal if you need both practicality and comfort in your home. By applying the Scandinavian style in your household, you can guarantee that the design of your home will never fade, and can even blend with the latest trends.