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New Year marks the new beginnings, and it’s a perfect opportunity to try something new, and be done with all the bad things from the previous year. The fresh start gives you the chance to improve and be the better version of yourself. Well, the same goes for your home. If you’re considering renovation or improvements in the New Year, here are the trends you’ll want to know about.

1. Sustainable furniture


With the raising awareness of the environmental problems, interior design becomes much more environmentally friendly. Following this, 2019 will see furniture made of recycled goods and eco-friendly materials. We will turn away from mass production, and move on to more unique pieces, while consciously giving our contribution to the fight for a healthier planet.

2. Patterns and prints


2019 is the year of patterns, prints, and bold colors. Wallpapers are coming back, and they can be as bright and colorful as you like. Don’t be afraid to go with a strange pattern on your wall, and then have it contrasted with your bright cushions. Everything will be more fun and glamorous, moving away from the Scandinavian seriousness. If you naturally lean towards a more serious look, a black statement wall can be a way to incorporate the best of both worlds. If it sounds too dark and scary, you may consider charcoal instead. Even the experienced companies like BJC Painting state that “charcoal may seem a dramatic choice, but it’s less intense than black, and when used as a highlight in specific areas (such as in a home theatre or on a statement wall in a bedroom) it can have an arresting effect”, so why not give it a go?

3. Floors and ceilings


In the New Year, we are going to continue paying attention to the previously neglected floors and ceilings. Natural wood will, interestingly enough, be a great choice for both – the floors and statement ceilings as well. Colors, wallpapers, and types of materials can all make for a great surprise statement ceiling. If you that way, though, you may want to keep your walls and furniture on the more neutral side. When it comes to the floors, on the other hand, other than wood floors, carpets are making an entrance. Multicolored designs are all the rage, and low-pile heights are getting more popular. They are easier to clean and rarely show marks, so their practicality speaks for them.

4. Organic shapes


 Forget about clean-cut lines and perfect circles, the shapes for 2019 will be more organic and natural. Sofas and armchairs will come in unusual shapes, and the irregularity will show in details such as vases coffee tables. Soft angles, irregular curves, and fluid shapes of furniture will mark the New Year as something completely different from the previous styles.

5. Going green


If you don’t have any potted plants in your home, now is the time to discover your gardening skills. Plants give a kind of sophisticated air to any room – and they literally give air because they provide the oxygen we breathe. The greenery helps us relax, so having a plant or two can be very beneficial to your emotional and mental state as well. If taking care of plants is not really your cup of tea, consider getting an artificial plant. There are some that are very well made and imitate the natural plant perfectly, so you’ll get the beauty without the work.

6. Multifunctional furniture


The current trends still include minimalism and downsized living. Double-duty furniture fits in wonderfully with these ideas – compact furniture that also works as storage space makes our millennial apartments free of clutter and less cramped. It helps maximize the space and make the best of the limited footage available to us.

The New Year will reinforce the best of the old while ushering in the new and improved. Find the best of the trends that work for you, and give them a go in 2019.