If you’re considering some design changes in your home, why not go all out and knock down a few walls? An open floor plan will give your home extra space and airiness, but nothing comes without a price. So, here are some of the most prominent pros and cons of open-concept living.

It creates an illusion of size

Pros and Cons of Open Floor Plans

The biggest benefit of open floor plans is especially visible in small apartments and homes. For instance, if you have a small walled-in kitchen, you can instantly make it look bigger and cozier if you remove some walls and open up the space. The absence of a dining room wall will give you some extra floor space and create the illusion of bigger square footage. So, if you have a tiny space, the open floor plan is something to consider.

It provides better lighting

Pros and Cons of Open Floor Plans

One of the best things about open floor plans is the amount of natural light that enters your home. The absence of interior walls allows the sunlight to penetrate deeper into your space and shine some warm light all over your home.

It ensures better air circulation

Pros and Cons of Open Floor Plans

If you want a home that’s airy and light, you might want to take down those unnecessary walls. An open floor plan allows better air circulation that will make your space feel fresh and pleasant both during the summer and the winter. However, in order to ensure the most comfortable temperature in your home, don’t hesitate to invest in good air conditioning, especially if you live in a place with a capricious climate. For instance, Australians get extreme summers that require constant cooling and very temperate winters that might benefit from light heating, so make sure to contact experts in air conditioning installation from Sydney who will know exactly where to install your unit for the best effect. If they work with quality brands, you’ll always have an airy, fresh and cozy space no matter the weather outside!

Great for families with young kids

Pros and Cons of Open Floor Plans

If you want to keep an eye on your kids while doing chores, there’s no better floor plan for you. A large “great room” will allow you to communicate with your kids while you cook, clean or catch up on your work. Placing a work desk somewhere in your living room will boost its functionality even more.

Great for entertainers

Entertaining was never this easy. You can easily be a part of the conversation while you cook or serve food. In order to separate different zones yet retain the open aesthetics, you can invest in practical kitchen islands that are also great for additional counter space.

Lack of privacy

No layout is perfect, and that includes the open floor plan. You can expect to lose some privacy once the walls come down and everything is joined into one big space. So, you can expect to have some trouble concentrating to finish your work while the kids are watching TV in the living room.

Less space for art

Losing walls means losing space for your artwork and family photos. However, you can always find a different way let art into your home, but electrical outlets always have to be placed in the wall. So, if you need plenty of electricity, maybe keep some walls.

More clutter

If you love minimalism, expect to see plenty of mess in an open-concept space. Unless you live alone or with another neat freak, your messy kitchen and your kids’ toys will always be visible. However, you can minimize the clutter with plenty of storage which will definitely help you keep your place tidy.

Now that you know all the good and bad sides of open floor plans, you can easily decide whether this layout is perfect for you. But if you create a good design, you’ll almost certainly not regret your decision.